Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Links

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drivel about frivol examines the evolution of a beauty junkie, through a selection of Kate's baby pictures, including baby's first FOTD. With wings.

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Sunday Face: Old & New

Just a quickie, inspired by a recent makeupalley 'neglected palettes' challenge. Though lately the combination of spring allergies and insane workload has meant that pretty much all my eyeshadows fall into the neglected category... much like this blog. Hmm :/

Anyway, here's a half-assed look and post :D

i.e. I grabbed some Shu Uemura pans from my long-discontinued 36-pan boutique palette (seriously, new Shu, it's been years since the Colour Atelier line launched, and you're still only offering refillable quads?!), threw in a discontinued second-gen Shu blush in P Red 14 (one of the few powder blushes I've kept, for sentimental reasons, though also because it's just so silky), and completed the look by cheating with a new acquisition, the gorgeous Surratt Lipslique in Rubis, a gift from the wonderful bellyhead, who has the full range swatched.
ME 126 and ME 786 are both from the Colour Atelier line, and currently available. The others are all discontinued: P 610 a first-gen turquoise veil, ME 471 a second-gen complex silvered-olive metallic [the current ME 471 is slightly drier and sheerer but tonally v. close] and platonic unicorn taupe ME Silver 945. Perfect. Undupeable. Trust me -- this is my fifth and final pan, and it's still the shadow against which I swatch all taupes.

P610 washed roughly all over lid up through sockets and under eyes. ME 786 patted over lid, blended out with ME 126 through socket; more ME 126 layered heavily over ME 786 as a base, blended up from the inner corner -- more colour accent than highlight. ME 945 used dry (!) to line, extended slightly straight out. On the lower lashline, ME 471 to line lower lashline, thinning towards the inner corner. Brainless, because I simply followed the natural contours of my sockets/eyelids/lashlines.

Also brainless: blush on cheeks, lipslique on lips.

Other products: Max Factor Clump Defy water-resistant mascara (nice but not spectacular), Suqqu brow powder 02 (dc), Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV Underbase Mousse Pink/Purple set with Paul&Joe Face Powder S (bird balls) as base.

Monday, 7 April 2014

goo goo ga ga

well, aint that the level of sparkling drivel you expect from this blog? :D

I was tagged by Liz (the lovelier-than-Taylor Liz!) of So Lonely in Gorgeous to share some pictures of babydriveller, and took the opportunity to snap some after Sunday night dinner at my parents'. Like Liz, I was a child of the '80s, so these pictures are fuzz-ay :P Also, difficult to lift arms holding camera while in foodcoma.

To begin with the most topical: aged 4(?), after raiding my mother's vanity. I maintain that the wings aren't too bad for a first timer working with those dryyyyyy '80s pencil textures, though the blush placement is admittedly a little low...
 This looks like a mugshot because it is -- my grandma took it as evidence of my misdemeanour :P

Heading back in time, this comes from my first birthday/100-day celebration (? maybe someone with kids could say if I look more 100 or 365 days old? Clearly the tableful of gigantic foods is skewing things -- how can I be expected to exercise moderation with regard to lipstick or cake with this kind of upbringing?)

I am so demanding a me-sized cake for my upcoming 30th, btw. And that pony, finally.
Also, fun fact: during the toljabee ceremony after this feast, baby-me picked up the brush, which was thought to denote a scholarly future. We know better now.

Further evidence of early susceptibility to fluff:
I still make this exact face every time the Suqqu cheek brush kisses (yes, kisses!) my cheek.

Speaking of which, y'all no longer have the right to complain about my barfalicious winsome head-tilt in blog pics. Because sifting through these baby pictures makes it clear I was JUST BORN THAT WAY, OKAY.

Sometimes, to shake things up, I might change direction.

and throw in a duckpout or two....

Yeesh, that's a lot of cutesey for Monday morning. *hands 'round barf bucket* All Liz's fault, remember. Do check out her (unfairly adorable) pictures, and hop on over to Wondegondigo for belly's (unfairly awesome) ones, too!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Get to Know Lisa from Beauty Info Zone

Lisa from Beauty Info Zone is just a girl who can't say no.  Find out what fashion faux pas she made in the '80's, how cemetary plots used to keep the cash flowing, and the worst part about owning waaay too many cats.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Dior Fluid Stick: 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette

Hello my dears! It's been hectic round ere, so apologies for the absence of new posts and blinding you with Cleo all week.

Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette
moar blindings. different blindings.
I've spent the last fortnight enjoying a torrid affair with my three Dior Fluid Sticks (pause for snorting & horking from the peanut gallery) and am ready to declare this my NEW FAVOURITE LIP FORMULA.

Such excellence actually doesn't call for a long nitpicky review, so I'll try to keep the rave brief and to the (bullet) point.

  • Formula: A genu-wiiiine liquid lipstick with a true-to-copy lightweight feel. A few heavy lacquered coats feels like a light balm, while a thinner coat is as almost-weightless as a satin lipstick. Manages to hug the lips closely (no messy smearing/migration/bleeding) without stickiness. Even a thick glossy coat doesn't goop up where my lips meet.
  • Finish: Can be built up to an incredibly glassy shine, but also blotted down to a satinny (not flat matte) stain. Either way, very flattering/plumping on my very dry, vertical-lined lips. 
  • Pigmentation: Very pigmented! But also versatile -- the formula is sufficiently 'self-contained' [if you attempt to make a long, dragged-out swatch you'll see the formula wants to 'hold together'] to allow for multiple coats to be layered up without streakiness / mess, or to be sheered out into a barely-there veil of pigment while remaining perfectly even without patchiness. At whatever intensity or softness of finish, the shades I own all retain a bright clarity of tone -- extremely flattering.
  • Lasting power / wear: As it hugs the lips so closely, wear-time is on par with that of a good, pigmented satin lipstick. Lasts through multiple drinks and snacks, losing a little glossiness on the way; fades to an even stain after a meal. Even in its stain form it retains a little satin/balminess and never does that dead matte sinking-into-liplines thing.
  • Scent/taste: Dior's usual synthetic -- slightly rubbery -- vanilla. More revolting to me than YSL's boozy rose Glossy Stains*, but admittedly much fainter, and fades within half an hour even to my acutely vanilla-loathing nose. Faintly sweet taste.
  • Applicator: Chubby spade-shaped sponge, fairly dense with only a little fuzz at the edges. Small/precise enough to be usable even with the bright/dark shades in the line, though I prefer to work with a lipbrush to establish shape, reserving the sponge for a final top coat if wanted. 
  • Colour-range: sixteen shades ranging from nudes through brights and vamps. The shades differ between markets -- Asia didn't get any of the darker 800-900 shades, for example, but had two midtone offerings (coral 552 Jolie Rêve and mauve 669 Rose Tricheuse) I haven't seen on US/European product listings.

*Regular readers know how I adore the Glossy Stains. I like these even more. Because what the Fluid Sticks sacrifice in lasting power, they make up for in versatility/controllability of pigment and comfort -- I can wear them even with lips freshly torn up and then healing from my Visée Creamy Lipstick adventure, and they didn't irritate or catch on flakes/chapped areas. Fluid Sticks also apply smoothly over all kinds of lipbalms, whereas I find bare lips work best for Glossy Stains.

Time for some pictures! My shades: 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore and 872 Mona Lisette (the last available in Europe/Asia but not the US).
Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette

All are the bright, clear, hyphenated reds which I wear most frequently: Mona Lisette a rose-, Pandore a coral- and Wonderland a pink-red.
Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette

Heavy swatches:
Swatches: Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette

Sheered-out swatches (made with lip brushes) show the differences in their bases better:
Sheered out swatches: Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland, 754 Pandore, 872 Mona Lisette

Worn as I most frequently would -- one coat (i.e. the exact amount dispensed on the applicator without redipping) applied with a lipbrush:
872 Mona Lisette
Dior Fluid Stick 872 Mona Lisette

754 Pandore
Dior 754 Pandore

575 Wonderland
Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland

To display the versatility of these shades, here they are again with (left) two coats layered straight from the applicator and (right) blotted down into a satin stain -- this is also what they look like after a meal.
872 Mona Lisette
Dior Fluid Stick 872 Mona Lisette

754 Pandore
Dior Fluid Stick 754 Pandore

575 Wonderland
Dior Fluid Stick 575 Wonderland

Lookit how they all go from soft'n'pretty to bright to truly obnoxious :D Is it any wonder I am head over heels for these?  Also, I meant what I said about them being balmy and flattering even in 'stain' form. Closeup of worn-down Wonderland (Worn-Down Wonderland is coincidentally also the name of my hipster steampunk travelling circus):

In conclusion: J'adore, Dior! Have already earmarked 373 Rieuse, 753 Open Me and 995 Intrigue for when my no-buy ends. See all the (European) shades swatched by Sara here.