Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday free association

The contents of this post have been rattling around my head for a while...originally they were going to form a Monday Miscellany, then Tuesday/Thursday Traipsings, then Wednesday Wamblings (yeah, dodged a bullet there). As they're semi-fermented by now I'm just going to spew them forth today because I suspect Saturday/Sunday will mainly alliterate with sleep.
And flying to Japan :D But you can't hate me because, well, just look at the cesspool that is my brain!

oh brave new world that has such...creatures in it

composed of:

You would think I'd become acclimatised to drugstore random but some things become even more bemusing at a closer glance.
duck/frog-pout maker 

honesty in advertising: she looks genuinely pained!

I'll stick with my virgin's-blood baths and leeches, thanks

Remember those L'Oreal One-Sweep eyeshadow palettes? Canmake's version dispenses even with the hoof applicator. Hey, fingers were good enough for your neolithic forebears...

Korean brand Tony Moly valiantly resists this minimalist-packaging trend:
And of course, these lipbalm/glosses retailing at HK$88 for 7ml each. Which I've now swatched upon request :)

Strawberry, Plum, Mangosteen, Peach, Pomegranate, Cherry, Apple (all seven are scented in a very sweet candied version of their names). Plum, Peach and Apple are very sheer jellied bases with shimmer (fuchsia, pink-and-lilac and pinky red respectively). All of these swatches took around 3-4  swipes.

All things considered, I think my drugstore hauling has been fairly restrained.
fancy sunscreen

blinged-out sponge applicators for swatching and falsies-applicator

various moisturising, depuffing etc. eye masks from Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese brands

hand and foot sheet masks, and more konjac sponges for face and body

(although I found it hard to resist this whole display of scrubbies *high-pitched squeals*)

more face masks. We'll see how the firming ones work on my new double chin...

Speaking of which, more food pics, anyone?
yet another froyo place
where I may already have a 'usual': matcha-flavoured and tart Hokkaido yoghurt with oreo crumbs and blueberries OR sweet adzuki

And for a change, an ice cream parlour, again using milk from Hokkaido (the next edition of Terry Pratchett's Where's My Cow? should just consist of one page with the word 'Hokkaido' on it...)
They have many flavours but I began with *Purple* Taro (as advertised), Hokkaido Milk (the ice-cream version of Werther's Originals) and Guava (so light and refreshing, almost sorbet-like).

Some recent fusion-pastries-OTD
adzuki mochi danish

Earl Grey, caramel, apple and edible gold layer cake

matcha, chocolate, orange and vanilla cake

Worry not, I'm supplementing my diet with salty snacks too
pizza, roast-chicken, roast-squid and sugar-snap-pea crisps

an abomination known as Korean Volcano Bread -- brioche with kimchi and mushroom filling

you can even have rock salt and cheesy foam in your tea/coffee (this is surprisingly delicious)
(that shop is called Happy Lemon, a Taiwanese chain which sells delicious bubble tea

Another coffee shop from which I have now been banned is called Cowboy SeVen. But maybe other filthy minds can work out why my hysterically giggling-and-pointing self was asked to leave.
My first view of the display board:

Well this IS the continent of various placenta goods. And I had been primed by other shops, like

and this popular bedding and sleep-wear chain

and of course

My customary expression resembles this barstool
Night-night, any lovelies who made it this far :) Rest up your scrolling hands and sleep tight :*


  1. Best. Post. Ever. I'm laughing so hard even SO is worried. :)

  2. Oh my goodness I love this post, I want to save all these pictures.

    Your travels look like so much fun, and you seem to find the best food ever, I'd have about 6 chins by now.

  3. Oh dear a double comment? Indeed.
    I was just gonna ask how you found the Konjac sponges you already had? Have they made any difference to your skin? I've been drawn in by the hype and I kind of want one...

  4. Nicole: thanks for putting up with me, bb :D I would've LOVED to wander around Tokyo with you...

    glossedintranslation: I am totally converted to the cult of the squish. Love them! I think they're better for keeping skin in good condition than necessarily being a 'cure' for anything.

  5. yay :D more matcha :DD sheet masks are the best, it's a pity they don't have them here :( ... lol ate all teh face things and an even bigger lol at '... easy to use', haha