Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Guerlain Asian foundation swatches -- palest shades

As with most other Western brands, Guerlain have a range exclusive to Asia: the Parure Pearly White range of powder and liquid foundations. In addition, all of their foundations are available in the shade 01 Beige Pale whereas in N. America and Europe, the ranges all start from 02 Beige Clair.

The bad news is, the truly pale still won't be able to find a match here. The palest Guerlain 01 shade is still around a MAC NC15, so only wearable if you can find a white mixer that plays well with their delicious formulations...

Swatches from left to right (starred ones are Asia-exclusive):
*Lingerie de Peau compact cream 01
Lingerie de Peau compact cream 02
*Parure Pearly White liquid 01
*Lingerie de Peau liquid 01
Lingerie de Peau liquid 02
*Parure Aqua liquid 01
Parure Aqua liquid 02
*Parure Gold 01
Parure Gold 02

natural light
Guerlain foundation swatch Lingerie de Peau compact cream 01 02 Parure Pearly White liquid 01 02 Lingerie de Peau liquid 01 02 Parure Aqua liquid 01 02 Parure Gold 01 02


  1. OMG, even in asia? why? O_o ... I was so sick of it, that I am quite happy *in a sad way* with my fake tan atm.

  2. *holds you and rocks back and forth so our combined whiteness will blind all the makeup companies*

  3. ♥! thanks for posting these! I had wanted to buy off strawberry but didn't want too buy it swatch-unseen >.< love how it's sufficiently yellow toned too.

  4. nae problem, my lovely! I'm so jealous you can wear these but will be stalking your blog for impressions soon :)

  5. The shade 01 is good for you? Thank you!

  6. Hi! Do you think 01 Beige Pale would would for a (light) NC20? I sampled 02 and it's a bit dark... I'm on the fence about whether 01 would work if I would need to mix 01 and 02. Thanks! :)

    1. Hmm, I'd peg it as between NC15-20. Maybe a bit light on its own but good for mixing :)

  7. Hi There,
    I've recently come across # 00 Beige Ivoire in Parure Gold Rejuvenating Gold Radiance Foundation, available online. Are you familar with this product?

    1. Hi Veronica, I read of that shade, but it was released after I left Asia. I will definitely try to track it down next trip :)