Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kanebo Media blush swatches

Media is one of the cheapest drugstore lines from Kanebo, and unusually, is targeted at mature women rather than teenagers. Textures tend to be creamy, shades neutral for 'no makeup' makeup looks and according to the website, their USP is fragrance-free, elegant makeup, with collagen as a key ingredient.

The blushes caught my attention because there was an unusually wide range of shades (10! Most Japanese drugstore brands have 4 max) and I couldn't see giant chunks of glitter winking at me in the pan (ahem, Canmake, Lavshuca, Visée and all your ilk).

On touching them I was even more impressed. These are seriously silky, almost creamy, powders. Pigmentation varies a bit between the shades but they're far above average for drugstore -- more pigmented than Bourjois or Revlon, less so than Sleek (but what's more pigmented than Sleek?). Because of the creaminess, I think they would work well applied with fingers if you wanted full opacity (you can blend out the edges with a brush). None of the shades are matte, the finishes vary from sheeny/glowy to full-on shimmer -- but the shimmer is always finely milled.

Packaging is sleek and no-nonsense: dark navy shimmery plastic cases with clear lids. At HK$49 for 3.5g, they are definitely worth trying if you don't mind some shimmer in your blushes.

All swatches done on bare arm: I swiped my finger all the way across the blush pan and then down my arm once. They will be sheerer if you use a brush.

Natural light, cloudy (this is most colour-accurate)

Yellow store lighting (this gives a better idea of the diff. finishes)

Close-up to show textures


  1. OMG you have them all? And to think I placed an order for Japanese stuff yesterday!! Bad timing! LOL

  2. LMAO! No, I swatched them all from store testers :D I guess it shows how good they are -- most blushes swatch like crap with fingers!

    I can't wait for your haul pics *stalks blog*

  3. I read on another blog about this brand. these swatches look really good, and the colours are quite nice, too. I might grab one!

  4. @The Driveller: don't get too excited, it's just a couple of brow liquid pens and it will be long before they arrive from HK :(
    But where did you swatch these then? Have you been in Japan recently? (if you don't mind saying of course)

  5. Wow. Those look really nice. Did you pick up any for yourself?

  6. Musing on Beauty: I am in Hong Kong atm, will be heading to Japan later :) Can you let me know what brands of brow pens you got? I'm hunting for one too!

    LJ: I'm debating between a few shades *bites nails* I wish I had my blush stash with me to do swatches and see if I have any dupes :/

  7. OR-1 will be mine when I go to Japan! :)