Saturday, 1 October 2011


...because, like, duh, one of the best movies of the 90s. And also because I am easily confused by maze-like structures

(See that girl, that's a poor fellow rodent, she's been wandering the corridors for days. And those schoolgirls? Originally swam into the mall as foetuses. True story.) I always end up wandering into the creepy corner with the kinky maid outfit shop:

Don't try to ask for directions. However deceptively simple they seem, they will all lead you back to this accessory cul de sac where the rings will MOCK YOU.

Right, scene-setting. I forgot there was a world outside LaForet or Island Beverley for a minute there. Both of which are 'youth' malls with some eateries (ice cream, pick'n'mix, pizza, sushi -- y'know, the essentials) but mainly 3-4 floors packed with tiny shops (we're talking cupboard-under-the-stairs here) selling ALL TEH THINGS what the youfs currently find cool

like blinged-out phone cases and danglies

...let's just call these accoutrements. Local designer-owned shop.

Many of LaForet's boutiques stock items imported from Japan and Korea, while Island Beverley has more local and Chinese designers mixed in (and prices are a bit cheaper). They have more in common than not, though, and being about 5 feet apart, across the street from the Causeway Bay metro station, are a convenient way to get a shot of Asian pop culture. If you can find your way back out.

(There is a shop of cunning hats if you end up wintering here)

Clothes shops, which all cater neatly to a certain style niche, advertised in the windows e.g.


slouchy minimalism

OL (office ladies)

and queens.

There were quite a few bodycon clubwear shops as well as those specialising in different Japanese and Korean street styles. (I'll do a separate post on those in future.) As you can see, these shops tend to display and sell things in outfit-sized units. The 'layering' pieces are actually often sewn together and sold as one.

That's not to say you can't find some fun cheap thrills if you dig, some of which are even workable into a 20- or 30-something wardrobe. And of course, there are shops like this, which are just made of awesome.

And if you do manage to make your way to the exit and back onto a metro train, you're home safe. Sailor Moon is there to show you the way.


  1. LOL, yeah sailor moon knows the way, she travelled a lot, so I can understand why they have chosen her! haha, I think I would end up in the creepy corner too, this is ALWAYS the end of the road ... LOL

  2. This post makes me want to hop on a plane and meet you in HK! I love the little shops all crammed in to a structure all filled with promise, blinging at you to make it yours. Sigh...Sailor Moon is such a ho! Is there anything she won't do?

  3. Why is the only thing I can focus on is the glittery heels? :D
    This place looks awesome, so many yums to eat and buy lol! Have you seen any melty double C necklaces bb?

  4. Woah woah, guys, go easy on Sailor Moon. She's not SMURFETTE. If you all come visit me now we can each have a Sailor costume, and eat cakes while fightin crime...

    Mirakins: I know! :D I was all *freezes in tracks, presses up against window* those are Mira's sparkly Loubies! What are these melty C's? I'm going to hit up more gothy/punky/visual kei-y mini malls next week.

  5. LMAO @ the rings mocking you being lost. That has to ve the most interesting mall I've ever laid my eyes on. Damn the boring US malls. :/ I am living vicariously through you my dear!!!

    <3 LJ