Thursday, 20 October 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge haul

Hello my lovelies! I am finally back in Hong Kong after spending the last week in Beijing only to find one of zuneta's grey boxes waiting for me upon my return...

I'd ordered from them more than a dozen times in the past, with faultless customer service. As most UKers will know, they are the easiest way for us to get our hands on Rouge Bunny Rouge, Edward Bess, Hourglass, konjac sponges and, with the help of a discount code or two, usually the cheapest place to score Butter London and Becca too. Back when I was first 'discovering' RBR (when very few beauty bloggers had tried and reviewed the line), their free sampling service was incredibly useful in helping me decide what to order.

Having heard a few negative mutterings about their international service on MUA, I hadn't planned on ordering during my stay in Hong Kong, but a discount code and RBR mascara GWP tempted me to give it a shot. I'm happy to report that everything went perfectly as usual. I ordered on 15th Oct, got my shipping confirmation on the 17th and the parcel arrived from London on the 19th.

Swatches and reviews to come (she says, again).
Metamorphoses mattifying primer (damn you, mini zuneta sample pots!)
Mascara in Untamed Sable (GWP)
Mysterious Tinamou eyeshadow
Starina blush
Papyrus Canary eyeshadow
Vera eye kohl


  1. Licks screen. This doesn't excite me like your Jap MU hauls XD

  2. lol :P
    To be fair, I have most of the shinier things from RBR already...

  3. Solid haul you got! The blue eyeshadow is gorgeous, I need to use mine more.

  4. WooHoo! Great haul! I love Mysterious TInamou and I KNOW it will look fab on you!

  5. Martha and Mariella, both of you and Mira formed an unholy trinity of temptresses-whose-names-start-with-M... I'm proud of myself for holding out so long against the Tinamou!

    Absy: not as nice as yewwwwww

  6. starina looks like my dior bronzer O.o. (I use it as blush actually). matte primer? for you? tell me what do you think about it! finally you haz that blue =)