Friday, 7 October 2011

Shu Uemura blush swatches -- part 1 (pinks)

Today was the first day since arriving in Hong Kong that I a.) got some weak sun and b.) found an amenable SA. So to celebrate, here are some belated Shu Colour Atelier blush swatches!

I swatched the 'red', 'wine' and top row of the 'pink' categories on the Japanese Shu site, slightly out of order as the lovely SA had to go dig some out of storage. HK$135 for a refill.

First impressions: these seem to be softer and more pigmented than the old Shu blushes, but I'm not sure if it's due to the testers being newish and some of my old blushes pushing double digits. If you have blushes from both generations, please chime in!

Part 1 focuses on Pinks and Reds (100-300); Part 2 on Peaches/Oranges here and Part 3 Browns/Highlighters here.

Pigment and finish varies between shades (225 and 325-327 are softer and more muted -- but I believe this is intentional). All swatches are 1 swipe onto bare arm. Click to enlarge as always.

natural light
M 225, M 325, M326, M 327, M 335, M 336, M 345, P 365, P 366, P 385, M 375, P 175, P 315

better-lit shot of the muted shades on the left, natural light
Shu Uemura blush swatch M 225, M 325, M326, M 327, M 335, M 336, M 345, P 365

Shade list for search purposes: M 225, M 325, M326, M 327, M 335, M 336, M 345, P 365, P 366, P 385, M 375, P 175, P 315.


  1. So so gorgeous! I Canadian counters stocked all blush colours. :-(
    This is very helpful and am grateful for them!

  2. OMG *iz dead now* thank you for the swatches! I will order some more and this is what I need ;D. I have both old and new (but not the same colour though), I find that the new ones are a bit creamier and last longer and more pigmented. But I can't compare 1 colour (old vs new).

  3. When the SA said I could swatch (and knew what that was) and pulled up a chair I was like a kid at Christmas! :D

    Claire: tysm for confirming! I will definitely be picking up one of these now.

    Absy and everybody: if you need a CP or whatevs, just give me a shout. The singles are HK$135 each here.

  4. I could totally lick your arm right now. Wow... those are GOOOORGEOUS!

  5. I want them all despite the fact that they all probably will not work for me XD

  6. LJ: you know I'd enjoy that :D

    Gingi: most would be v pretty on you IMO! There's some bright warmth in all the shades from 335 onwards