Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sonia Rykiel Beaute -- haul and swatches

Like Jill Stuart, Paul&Joe and Elégance, Sonia Rykiel is one of those French brands whose cosmetics are designed and manufactured in Japan, and are mainly sold only in East Asian countries.

Having tried two of the eyeshadow quads and a foundation earlier this year, and been highly impressed with everything, I took advantage of Hong Kong's cheap prices (about half the Japanese retail) to pick up these:

Eyeshadow quads in 03 and 08 (HK$320 each)

Sublime Lipstick in 02 (HK$180)

Swatches and reviews to come -- I had to fly off to Beijing on Saturday with a minimal makeup bag, so have not yet given these the time they deserve. But isn't the SR signature stripy packaging adorable?

While at the counter, I also swatched the mousse eyeshadow pots, being a sucker for cream textures and complex shiny things.
artificial light and flash
Sonia Rykiel Mousse Eyeshadow swatch 04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13
04, 05, 06, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13

The textures of these were very odd. I want to say they reminded me of MAC's Big Bounce from earlier this year, though I only swatched those once. They're not a thick whipped mousse like Chanel Illusion D'Ombre, but a very wet, emulsion-like formula. Once set, they seemed pretty unbudgeable and I experienced no fallout from the tightly-packed glitter after wandering about all afternoon.

I have not succumbed to these yet but I know someone else who has and will be stalking her blog in hopes of a review before deciding whether the purple needs to come to momma.

Something else to look forward to: these adorable Christmas coffrets, each containing a potted gloss, blush, two shades of cream eyeshadow and a miniature powder puff, in three colour variations.


  1. That l/s looks amazing! Is it pigmented or sheer? Gawk! Does SK have a taupe/neutral quad? I'm on such a neutral kick recently :D

  2. I'd say sheer-medium but buildable to med-full? :) It's definitely the glossy, moisturising kind that Japanese brands do so well.

    I also have 09 which is a coolish complex taupe quad. The other neutralish ones are 01, 02 and 11, but they were all warm so I didn't linger lol. Will try to swatch them for you when I get back to HK :*

  3. Yes pls!!!! Warm taupe palettes = love! Well if they don't have any copper or bronze shade :P Gawk! You are making me lem all the Asian lippies XD

  4. You are converting me into a lip loving fool! I have been on the hunt for moisturizing lippies since you started your blog! Your Lavshuca swatches are doing me in for sure!

  5. every time I see SR lippies they are so smooth and the colours are all wearable and nice. the price is in HK really great!! I was curious about the cream e/s and wanted to order some but now I don't really know. never had a quad from them but they seem so lovely!

  6. Oh wow the pressure! Stalk me in 2 weeks and hopefully I'll have got them from home by then. Isn't the purple lovely? I am sad they d/ced their other deep mousse colours :(.

    Quad no. 3 does look lovely, I adore SK eyeshadow textures! Also, it's a little thing but I really love how they click open.

  7. LJ: I can't wait to see these gracing your luscious lips! Loved your recent pin-up FOTD so much.

    Claire: SR is my best makeup discovery this year :) E/s textures are beautiful and they make pale foundations too.

    Glossedintranslation: you're giving me yet more reasons to stalk... I do love the sleek yet chic packaging. These have never tempted me to depot (!)

  8. I'm with Gingi!
    That lipstick is gorgeous!!!!