Sunday, 27 November 2011

Addiction by Ayako blush swatches and another simple FOTD

Apologies for being all "ooh, shiny eyeshadows" and neglecting to swatch the three blushes that also formed part of my Addiction haul. Those who frequent MUA will know I am head-over-heels in love with these and have been wearing them almost exclusively for the last three weeks.

I reviewed the cheek stick earlier, and those giddy these-are-like-soooo-awesome rantings still hold true. In the interests of Beauty Science and fitting into-my-jeans-again, I have recently been going up to seven whole hours at a time between meals, and can now report that both shades wear indelibly with no fading or movement for at least that long. The silicone content has a very flattering plumping effect on my vertical lip-lines, and I do not need to layer balm on top as I do with Beauté stains or Becca Beach Tints after a while.

The powder blush is the smoothest, creamiest matte texture I've ever encountered, far superior to Shu Uemura, Nars, Illamasqua, MUFE, etc. It feels like a Burberry or Rouge Bunny Rouge, but is much more pigmented than the former, and less sheeny than the latter (it seems easier to create buttery-feeling powders with the addition of some shimmer). Despite the bold pigment, the powder is also extremely blendable and looks smooth even on my dry cheeks, with no patchy fading or dryness even after 14 hours of wear.

Amazing cheekstick blended and unblended (one swipe)
Revenge cheekstick blended and unblended (one swipe)
Revenge powder blush applied with brush (two layers) and sponge applicator (one swipe)

natural light, direct sun
Sorry for reiterating the one-swipiness but hey check out that pigment in just one swipe! You can of course sheer these out much further, but I a) don't trust my camera to pick up subtlety and b) am of the go bold or go home bordello school of blush application anyway.

You may have noticed that Revenge powder is slightly lighter and pinker than its namesake cheekstick. This subtle yet exquisite nuance was of course the reason I bought both. It was a highly considered decision which had nothing to do with an inability to resist red blush.

As far as I can remember, the only other shimmer-free shades in the range are Good Girl and Amazing powders, and Rose Bar and Suspicious cheeksticks; all four of those are currently at the top of my makeup wishlist / letter to Santa. Dear Ayako, more please!

Another simple look built around a cheekstick, this time Amazing rather than Revenge, on both lips and cheeks.

Other products:
Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow
Chantecaille Total Concealer Alabaster under eyes
Kevyn Aucoin SSE SX01 on blemishes
Suqqu EX-05 Usumomokurumi -- pale pink and grey shades only
Majolica Majorca LEFP
KATE brow powder BK-05


  1. I have revange cheek stick and love it, good to know about the powder blusher, I definetly need more! I hope she will release some nice colours in future *dreamz* you look like a hot office lady, that pink suits you so well!! :*

  2. Have I told you how jealous I am of your lips? Because, really, I AM!!

  3. I want to try the cheek stains! Argh you must stop these posts!!

    The pink is a nice change, I like!

  4. Love this pink on you! Addiction looks amazinnnnnnnnng! :D That blush looks glorious!

  5. Your description of the powder blush makes me need it. Like, now. **drools**

  6. These are beautiful blushes and your blog is brilliant! I live in London, do you know of anyplace where I might be able to purchase Addiction? Thank you

  7. These are so gorgeous! And I love this bright FOTD! You have me plotting my next order...

  8. Thanks, guys! :) It's odd to hear your compliments -- I'm not used to seeing myself in cool pinks, it feels like I'm in drag...

    Anon: I'm afraid Addiction is only sold in Japan at the moment. stocks the brand and ships internationally (but with a fairly steep mark-up.)

  9. ex-05 is sooo pretty~and it's much prettier as it already sold out~lol