Sunday, 6 November 2011

Beauty tripping

Come lurch with me into various Japanese drugstores!

Which, like their posh department-store counter counterparts, usually had testers for the Holiday collections and even some Spring 2012 collections out. *spoilers ahead?* No swatches unfortunately, or indeed even decent-quality pics...but on the off-chance that among those reading there are freaks like me who enjoy all aspects of beauty-geekery, including drugstore displays...

Esprique Holiday 2011 preview. The pretty little bags are a typical feature -- they pack together the Remake Gel (a targeted spot-primer) with blisterpack samples of the forthcoming lipsticks.
The yellow heart-shaped stickers show what products/shades are used in the ad image.

Close-up of the two quads

The display for those Esprique lipsticks I like so much (the right-hand semicircle is the 'Colour' line, the left is the 'Glow' line). Stickers show shades used in ad again.

And it tells you which shades are the best-selling! *geekgasm*

Another display (Kiss) that uses @cosme rankings and consumer reviews (the Japanese equivalent of makeupalley, but far bigger) as advertising.

Visee + Smacky Glam Holiday 2011 (the purple sticker reads 'Limited Edition')

 Coffret D'Or Spring 2012 preview -- see atouchofblusher for more info. The eyeshadows are your standard meh (...I may still be bitter over the revamp) but the liquid lipsticks are DEEEVINE and my most-anticipated items for next year.

A closer look at the swirly blushes
 Majolica Majorca Holiday 2011 -- some teens grabbed those limited-edition blue Lash Expanders off the display after I took this pic, and naturally they were sold out in every other drugstore I visited *sigh*

Aube Couture Holiday 2011 -- as usual, palettes containing three lip shades and a neutral eyeshadow palette in the same vein as their autumn collection. Four variations, all very work-safe and unabashedly pretty. It's a shame there aren't many blogging fans of this line -- everything is good quality and the layouts are muggle-friendly but I think most beauty addicts would yawn.

 Some of the hot new skincare ingredients include snail

and bee toxin (this seems to be a huge health trend right now)

As far as I know, both of those originated in Korea, as of course did the BB cream makeup bandwagon, which rolls ever-onwards, accruing new jumpers all the while

Whatevs. However, as a Londoner, I'm indignant that Japan gets the cute Rimmel stuff...

And a LilyLolo counter when we plebs have to order online!

Actually, mineral makeup and 'organic' brands seem to have a much bigger presence in Japan than in the UK. Especially brands like Mimo and Zuii. I didn't see any with red lipsticks, so no more deets :P

I did spend a lot of time mesmerised by all the bath salts. Japan is a big bathing culture and as I was deprived of a chance to hit an onsen this time, I pretty much wanted to take all of these home:
(The ones with the malignant chilis on are meant to make you sweat out all your toxins. Not recommended for junk-food fiends, ask me how I know...)

Look ma, I made a moe say ick! :D

Finally, the obligatory snerk-if-you're-twelve pic...


  1. Aww this is all so pretty, I want it ALL! *grabby hands*

  2. Oh many pretties.. What's a good Japanese DS brand for e/s? And HE too?

  3. The Kose display looks so awesome! Aand the shape of the Aube quads are really cool! Self explanatory for those who aren't sure where to place color.

    Do you know how much heaven I would be in if I saw BB creams just out in the store... and for that matter: how much larger my collection of BB creams would be?

    I think its official... I want to be in Japan :P

  4. I wonder how people here would react, when all the japan displays were here, lol ... aube couture - everytime I read a review, it is so-so, I always wondered if I would like this brand. bath salts are a must have for me, here, the bath culture is really nothing special :( *imagines all teh yummy bath salts*

  5. Just discovered your great blog! Noticed you like cream blushes, may i know your favs (preferably non asian ones as i live in canada). Thankyou! Lisa

  6. Ayumi! I want those Rimmel e/s even though I have no Rimmel love! XD

  7. Yay! Please give me some recs of stuffs to buy when you have the chance - I trust your impeccable taste! :D

  8. When I win the lottery, I'm so chartering a lipstick-shaped limo to take us all (and our hauls) around Japan :D

    charisse: Japanese brands release new stuff so often, and the quality can jump from awesome to dire. For HE, Suqqu is consistently brilliant. Shu, Sonia Rykiel and Addiction are usually good too.
    DS: KATE Dual Blend Eyes, Lavshuca Melting Eyes and Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes (especially the latest three releases) are my favourites. :)

    Liz: Hi! always great to find another cream blush lover :) My go-tos are by Illamasqua, Becca (beach tints, cream blushes, lip+cheek tints), Rouge Bunny Rouge (cheek sticks), Lipstick Queen (oxymoron) and RMS Beauty (if you have very dry skin). Hourglass and Beaute make wonderful stains that are not drying at all.

    Nicole: We'll let my haul post answer that :D I did buy (and love) the Biotherm Travel Recharge stuff on your recommendation though!

  9. The Biotherm stuff is magic for flights, they nailed it on the head - I recommended it to the beauty editor of Red magazine at Beauty Editor's Day as well, hahaha!

    I got yen for my trip yesterday and it seems so little, even though it's a fortune. I'm expecting Japan to bankrupt me. :P