Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dior Holiday 2011 Asian collection swatches

Based on the shoddiest of anecdotal evidence, Dior has always seemed to me to be more popular in East Asia than in Europe or America. The releases are (correspondingly?) bigger; the holiday 2011 collection in Hong Kong consists of two eyeshadow quints (to one in the EU/US) and eight lipsticks rather than four. The four nail polishes are the same.

Karla has swatches of the US range; here are the Asia-exlusive quint 544 Golden Pastels and all eight Rouge Diors, two swipes each.

All items are limited edition. The quint retails for HK$480, the lipsticks for HK$245 each.

544 Golden Pastels
Textures/layout are similar to Couture Golds: four shimmers (Dior's typical soft, fine, frosty formula) surrounding a holographic glitter shade.

Note: this looks much better (and more visible) on darker skintones than mine, such as the NC25ish Dior SA who was wearing it when I swatched.

natural light

artificial light+flash

Rouge Dior -- all shades have golden shimmer so look warmer once applied
527 Versailles
217 Or Etoilé
346 Invitation
451 Cinderella
654 Favorite
777 Fantastique
851 Aimée
961 Nocturne

natural light

natural light+flash (to hopefully capture the shimmer)


  1. Are you kidding? The US only got 4 lipsticks- I'm jealous! These look gorgeous. I will say I'm loving Nocturne- I've been wearing it all week.

  2. Julia, but you guys got Belle de Nuit! I have no idea why they didn't release it here; I think it would sell well... silly companies are silly.

  3. all the reds! but I really don't like the formulation, I don't understand it either, why they are only releasing products here and there, etc ... belle de nuit should be available in japan, I saw massive ads in japanese mags at least, lol.

  4. Claire, the Japanese Dior site lists the same 8 shades that are available here. Who knows what went wrong?

  5. How can a lowly American purchase the Asian exclusive lipsticks? I think I'm obsessed with these...

  6. Julia, I see most of them listed on the US Dior site. If your heart is set on Invitation, Favorite or Aimée, they may show up on strawberrynet, or ebay via Asia sellers (make sure to check feedback).