Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge Colour swatches

One of these click-pen lipsticks was my first purchase on this Hong Kong trip, and I remain a fan of the balmy, moisturising and pigmented formula. As their other fans seem to include the beauty editors of every glossy magazine I've flicked through as well as Asian youtuber Fuzkittie among many others, it's taken me a few weeks to find a counter that had been restocked with all the shades.

Today I've swatched the permanent shades in the more pigmented 'Colour' line -- two light swipes each. Swatches of the 'Glow' range (sheerer, with far more shimmer) are still to come.

Each lipstick is 1.8g and retails for HK$220.

artificial lighting
swatch Esprique Mellow Forming Rouge Color BE320, BE321, RD420, RD421, RD422, RD423, RO620, RO621, RO622, PK820

Full names:
BE320, BE321, RD420, RD421, RD422, RD423, RO620, RO621, RO622, PK820

Two new permanent shades, BE322 and PK821, were released today in Japan with the Winter 2011 collection, and should make it to Hong Kong eventually.

For my first impression review and FOTD with BE321 click here. In about six weeks I've used up about a third of this soft lipstick, so do bear the small size in mind.

For rougedeluxe's recent review and FOTD with RO620, click here.


  1. they look jucy *noms* the red is smiling at me :D I am still looking for the perfect beige and pink :(

  2. Shiny! Want! :) Checked yours and rougedeluxe's pics and I love the finish. This trip of yours is going to cost me a fortune. :D

  3. claire, I think the Lavshuca moist melting rouges might have a beige for you :) They're slightly sheerer so less likely to pull concealer-y.

    bastet, I'm sure you'll give me lemmings back with interest once you make your choices (ahem, RBR Tinamou-gate...)