Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Holiday 2011 swatch blitz part 1: Addiction, Lunasol, Shu Uemura

Hello my loves! Sorry for the lack of posts/keeping up with comments lately -- frivolity as usual will resume from next week.

However I have managed to sneak some depaato/drugstore visits and swatch-sessions, so here are the first fruits.

Addiction Sleepless Nights Collection (released Nov 11th in Japan, ¥9765)
A cool-toned, smoky, sexy collection that is right up my street :D
I swatched the palette (two complex eyeshadows and a beautiful cool dusty mauve blush) and mini lip gloss (cool sheer pink with lilac iridescence). The set also includes a tiny pot of holographic white glitter, an automatic pencil liner (black with purple and pink sparkles) and a slightly grungy purple nail polish.
artificial light

artificial light + flash

Not sure what's going on with my jaundiced inner arm there, but I hope you can see the differently-sized shimmer particles in the eyeshadows...

Check out the Addiction site for more details and the always-inspiring visuals and vids. 

Lunasol Tender Glow Collection (released Nov 11th in Japan)
I only managed to swatch these items from the limited-edition coffret (¥6825, HK$ tba)
Party Eyes TG quad EX01: the palest and darkest shades in this are split triple pans like the 3-D Eyes. I swatched all the shades together but you can definitely get a less sparkly effect.
Cream Cheeks EX04 (bright neutral pink, micro-shimmer)
Full Glamour Gloss N EX19 (no shimmer, palest milky pink)
The set also includes a mini Skin Contrast Face Powder (01 Glow) and an adorable furry pouch which I spent a goodly amount of time feeling up.

natural light

full sun

Lunasol's Japanese site has information about the rest of the holiday collection.

Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai Collection palettes (already out, ¥7140 or HK$495 each)
Each palette contains 4 eyeshadows, a cream blush and a powder highlighter (which you probably can't see too well. I iz pasty, sorry.)

Drowning in Flame
natural light

full sun

Burning in Water
natural light

natural light+flash (sun stopped cooperating)

As you can see, the three non-glitter eyeshadows in Burning in Water are rather more shimmery than Drowning in Flames (which features three satins). In any case, I found the textures of all the shades in both palettes to be harder than Shu Uemura singles -- all swatches are two heavy swipes.
The legendary Karla has swatched the rest of the collection here.


  1. I've been stalking your blog for this post for what feels like years! Addiction looks so yummy, were you impressed by it? I saw the visual the other day and almost died; they really know how to sell stuff, don't they?

    I love the purpler from the WKW, but couldn't really wear any of the other palette shades, which is a shame.

    I hope you're having a lovely time!

  2. Eeek! I'm looking into the Lunasol Coffret but from your swatches, it looks like I have similar colors. The Addiction collection looks lovely though and I wish this was more readily available here.

  3. O.M.G. you haz all teh stuff in hk already!! I was looking for addiction and lunasol but all these colours look like other ones I have :(

  4. Oh gosh :O
    Thanks for swatching the Addiction coffret, it looks pretty darn yummin! The Lunasol one too in fact...

    I actually think I will pass on the Shu palettes now unless someone gets me one for xmas :/


  5. I kinda want the Lunasol but I think the Chanel variation quad I wanna purge looks kinda like that already XD Thanks for the swatches hun! :D

  6. I think most of us should be able to dupe these from our stashes ;) Holiday sets tend to put together safe, popular colours...

    claire: I actually spent a week in Japan, where I swatched these :)