Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Makeover with Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai collection

Recently, for my sins radiant beauty okay, can I have "hauling prowess" then?, I was offered a complimentary makeover at a Shu Uemura boutique. It's always interesting to see what someone else will do with your face and while I didn't like all my makeup artist's choices, I also picked up some useful tips, and had a fun hour chatting about makeup (offline! zomg).

The finished look (all pics in artificial light+flash)

The process
Preliminary chat established that I have dry skin, am not afraid of colour but hate shimmery lipsticks, and that she would otherwise have carte blanche.

I already wearing moisturiser and sunscreen, so skin was just spritzed lightly with Phyto-black Lift Radiance Boosting Lotion.

Face Architect Smooth Fit foundation 584 mixed 1:1 with UV Underbase Fluid Pink and patted on using a pentagon sponge. New Point Cealer in 7 Light under eyes, blended in with a synthetic 10 brush.

Wong Kar Wai Drowning in Flame palette: top two shades (the two leftmost shades in my swatch) layered over the lid and taken under the eyes, with more of the lighter purple concentrated in the centre of the upper lid. White-gold shimmer used to blend out the edges into the socket. All done using natural 10.
Colour Atelier Eyeshadow IR911 used to highlight inner corner, inner half of lower lashline and browbone -- applied using natural 12.
Liquid Eyeliner Pen for thin flicked line; Drawing Pencil M Black 01 to rim both waterlines.
Lashes curled with the legendary Shu eyelash curler and two coats of Ultimate Expression Mascara applied first to the topside of the lashes, then from underneath.
H9 Brow Pencil Seal Brown used to define brows -- she chose this to harmonise with the warm tones in the palette but recommended Stone Grey for cooler or neutral looks.

Radically different placements to balance out my very asymmetrical eyes:
natural light + flash


  1. I never would have thought, that a warm purple like this would look so gorgeous on you! the liner looks perfect and I like the lipcolour on you. I agree on the shape and I don't like how she did your brows. love for more shimmers, haha. when the product itself is good (like rose de rose :P) I don't mind them, otherwise it accentuates my dry skin like hell! I look like a patchy paper coffe cup then! I had so many horrorstories, haha but the worst was, when the MA told me I am ugly because I am pale, she applied tons of bronzer, I looked like ompa lompa barbie, haha. but I had misplaced e/s, liner, dead lip, etc here too, haha. I wish I could go to a makeover to shu, I am so curious what they would do. can't wait for you other makeovers :)

  2. this purple looks nice on you! I am liking it a lot! And your lips are always gorgeous! :D *squeee* loove it!

  3. Thanks girlies! I am looking to dip a toe into warmer purples from now on...

    Claire, you always crack me up :D I really hope we can meet up and go for makeovers when you're in London -- we can give each other's MUAs death-glares to keep them in line ;)

  4. This lid/lip colour combo looks fabulous on you! The eye makeup is simply perfect (colour- and applicationwise). I am not a fan of the lip and blush application - I think you do a better job yourself – but the lip shade suits you really well. Don't you love it when you actually *learn* new tricks at a makeover. :)

    Apart from a few really bad MAC makeovers (foundation is not spackle :P), my worst m/o was with a Chanel MUA. He was late, he reeked of coffee and cigarettes and he made me up in red brown shades although I had told him I look tired it red-toned browns (would love to kill the person who invented the brown-on-blue-eyes maxim). At the end he even told me that he "got the most out of my face". When I arrived at my lab afterwards, my colleague asked me whether I had partied all night because I looked awful... *sigh* So, the best he could get out of me was a hangover. :P

    Did you end up buying any of the products the MUA used?

  5. bastet: I'm guessing this makeover was NOT during the height of heroin chic? lol
    The best(?) part was that I bought nothing. No hard-sell at all. Although the SAs at that counter do have a pretty good idea of the size of my Shu stash by now... I may go back for the undereye concealer and underbase fluid in pink. (Realised subsequently that I already own that lipstick... the shame!)

  6. kate, I would be belnded by your prettiness! I hope I will get a makeover < shu and suqqu > would love to meet up, but don't be disappointed when you see me in person, haha!

  7. Love the winged eyeliner! It's drawn so precisely and makes such a sexy look, hehe... :)

  8. claire: you pretty little liar! :D

    Jess: I wish I could master that thin flick! That, and looking sexy, lol