Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colour swatches

Shiseido is a brand that is finally gaining some recognition among beauty junkies, but whose makeup still flies very much under the radar, if my usually somewhat forlorn counters are any indication. That is a crying shame, because while the makeup has always of good quality, the textures and colour combinations have been consistently exquisite and inspirational since Dick Page took over as artistic director.

These powder blushes and highlighters come in at a generous 6.5g each, with a usable portable brush and sleek black plastic compact. The shade selection is a tightly-edited line-up of wearable, elegant shades (no candied lavenders or flourescent oranges here), which err on the warm/muted side, and all shades are imbued with an extremely fine, pearly sheen.Texture-wise, they are so finely milled so as to feel like creams (and are some of the few powder blushes that are tolerable on my dry skin in winter) but my oily-skinned friends also report that these wear on them without fading or oxidising. Basically, they're bigger, better versions of Shu Uemura Glow Ons.

Not all shades are available in all markets. (If you ask me, not enough shades are available, full stop. I NEED MORE.) HK retail is $260 each.
Here are the shades at my counter, two swipes each.
BE206 Soft Beam Gold
GD809 Shell
OR308 Starfish
RS302 Tea Rose
RD401 Orchid
RD103 Petal
PK304 Carnation
PK107 Medusa

natural light
swatch Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color BE206 Soft Beam Gold GD809 Shell OR308 Starfish RS302 Tea Rose RD401 Orchid RD103 Petal PK304 Carnation PK107 Medusa

artificial light+flash (this is as shimmery as they can possibly look)
swatch Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color BE206 Soft Beam Gold GD809 Shell OR308 Starfish RS302 Tea Rose RD401 Orchid RD103 Petal PK304 Carnation PK107 Medusa

I'm sorry the Medusa swatch is barely visible on me -- I like to use it layered over other blushes to add an oysterish pink sheen. For a glimpse of its true beauty on someone darker, please check out temptalia's glowing (harhar) review.
Shiseido's WT905 High Beam White (swatched/blogged here) makes a better highlighter for me.


  1. This is a brand I seriously need to try. I love the colors, and when I swatched the eyeshadow I was blown away by the texture. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Aaaaah, my daily drivel fix! I was really impressed with the white Shiseido powder highlighter (checked it out a while ago because of your recommendation) - but somehow the blush shades didn't stand out to me (probably due to the wearability over uniqueness aspect you mentioned). Which shade do you consider to be a must have? I've never been impressed with Shu blushes, because they disappear on me in no time. For some strange reason, most blushes do although my cheeks are dryish. These seem promising!

  3. I really need to get some Shiseido products! For some reason I've always loved the brand unconditionally, but I don't actually own anything from them.
    I got a Selfridges gift card for my birthday so I don't think I have any excuse now.
    Lovely swatches :*

  4. I can't believe I've never tried a Shiseido blush.

  5. this brand is seriously underrated! the blushes are pure silk and lasts all day, I agree on the shades, I hope they will release some nice one soon. they could do something with their foundations too, shades are a bit odd and nothing for dry skin (at least here) *vote for more love for shiseido*

  6. Martha: The blushes are just as silky and gorgeous! This line is very 'you' somehow -- I think you could do beautiful things with the trios.

    Bastet: Other than High Beam White, I'm not sure any are indispensible. I wear Medusa, Orchid and Carnation the most but would I choose the *shades* over RBR Gracilis/Orpheline or Burberry Misty or Suqqu Momozoe? Hmm.

    Lizzie: but... but... Suqqu... (Happy birthday, beautiful!)

    MusingonBeauty: I bet you'll pick scary GD809, rock it and then make me lemm it :P

    Claire: I love that we love the same things :*

  7. Thank you! It's ok I already got Keshizumi to celebrate, of course! I'm tempted by their brushes now; gift cards have a very powerful effect on me because they make everything free, and what could be better than a free suqqu brush? (Two free suqqu brushes, I suppose)

  8. Lizzie: get two! Then we can have a double-handed kitten-paw duel. (Should I be in sales or what?)

  9. these look gorgeous! I've been meaning to check these out since a long time and the swatches helped a lot! thanks!