Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sonia Rykiel Quatre Eyeshadow swatches

So, remember how Sonia Rykiel was my newest addiction before my newest Addiction? (sorry, Laura!) I've been adding to my collection on the sly and everything has been a delight, so expect more reviews in the future.

Meanwhile, I swatched the permanent quads I don't own (...yet) in hopes that they'll be useful.

Each quad contains 3.2g and retails for HK$320 in Hong Kong or ¥5250 in Japan.
All swatches are one swipe each, all pictures taken in bright store lighting.

Quatre Eyeshadow 01
Quatre Eyeshadow 02

Quatre Eyeshadow 07

Quatre Eyeshadow 11

Swatches of 09 and 10 (my first two, which are home in London) will come when I'm reunited with them. Glossedintranslation's swatch of 09 can be seen here.


  1. 07 and 03 will be mine! the colours look like made for me, haha. I am not sure about 01, it can pull warm on me, you need to go to another makeover :D my sonya rykiel lippie is on its way home! next will be #14 (saw some swatches on, I think it would be a nice colour for you as well:) ... you have the most amazing blog on earth, everything so helpful and your pic quality is amazing! cheers! lol .... thanks for your effort mus :****

  2. I know I don't need, but 01 and 07 want to be on my face :D

    Gorgeous swatches bb! <3

  3. Claire, I was wondering the same thing about 01... more recon definitely needed, lol :) 14 is a beauty indeed

    Sonia: thank you, my beauty!

    Mira: what is this word 'Need' of which ye speak?