Monday, 21 November 2011

Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipstick swatches part 1

Finally, a Japanese brand that a) makes only one line of lipsticks and b) did not saddle it with a fifty-syllable name.

Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipsticks are balmy, lightweight, rose-scented and moisturising beauties which layer effortlessly to give a more opaque (but still glossy and somewhat translucent) look. They last surprisingly long (at least 4 hours of wear) and the brighter/darker shades leave a stain. Think of them as Dior Addicts but with actual moisturising properties, much smoother textures and better pigment.

The narrow design of the bullet makes mirror-less, straight-from-the-tube application easy, even for a lipbrush fiend like me.

30 permanent shades; each tube contains 4g and retails for HK$180 or ¥3465.

All swatches are two swipes each, pictures taken in bright store lighting. Some shades are shot through with microshimmer, which I've asterisked below.

closer looks

1* neutral orange
2 cool cherry pink-red
3 bright neutral pink
4 cool pink with slightly more purple in the base than 5
5* slightly lighter than 4, with silvery micro-shimmer
6* neutral soft pink
7 warm pinky coral

6 and 7 again
9 cool rosy peach
10* warm peachy pink (with the emphasis on pink)
12 browned rose
13* browned rose with micro-shimmer, warmer and with more red than 12
14 pinky peach (with the emphasis on peach), warmer and brighter than 7 or 9


  1. 180 HKD vs 3465 yen??? O.o ok, now I need a hongkong friend, lol. I forgot, that you have all the products near you, lol and I dare to recommend you a lippie based on google swatches? haha :) can't wait for part 2, wanna know how the new shades look like.

  2. Silly girl, 1) you have me, and 2) your recs always rock! Except for the byTerry...incident LMAO
    (PS #24 looks great on 'us' too)