Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipstick swatches part 2

Click to Part 1 for requisite drivel, now straight on to the swatches!

Shade descriptions: as before, shimmery shades are marked with an asterisk. This usually just means that the shade is not completely shimmer-free -- the effect on the lips is dimensional, and the micro-glitter particles are not visible once applied, except in extremely bright direct light.
In this batch there were however a few extremely shimmery frosts, which are double-asterixed.

All shades are two swipes each unless otherwise indicated.

natural light

bright store lighting
21** warm brown rose (3 swipes)
22* bright coral
23** brown with pink and red shimmer (3 swipes)
24 cool mauve rose
25* VERY sheer candy pink glaze with silver shimmer (7! swipes)
26* VERY sheer milky lavender glaze with iridescent shimmer (also 7 swipes)
27* cool bright fuchsia
28* soft pinky peach
30 cool tangerine
31 warm salmon
natural light
bright store lighting
32 warm orange coral, warmer and brighter than 31
33* peachy pink
34 soft peachy beige
35 bright pinky coral pinker than 31 but softer and more orange than 22
36 soft peachy rose
37 ditto, brighter and warmer than 36
38* bright peachy pink with more peach and 'pop' than 33
39* soft mauve rose more muted than 24 


  1. Really pretty! Too bad these aren't available in Europe!

  2. Hey Jamilla, it sucks indeed. We would appreciate the pretty makeup!

  3. So helpful. Thank you!