Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday Scary to Simple

Not much gets me out of bed and into makeup during daylight hours on a Sunday, but dimsum happens to be top of that list. And as I helpfully woke up with a lunch date, a week's worth of sleep-deprivation showing around my eyes AND a derptastic O_o expression, I thought I'd traumatise you all with some before and afters featuring my new Lunasol concealers.

Product pics with some other base makeup

Swatches in natural light
(The Lunasol undereye concealer is layered heavily here -- it's not so dark once blended out.)

Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer is my holy grail face/blemish concealer. Full-coverage, creamy enough to blend but dry and long-lasting once set and an excellent match for my skintone in depth terms, while being slightly yellower (a cool yellow) to help cut redness. Only a miniscule amount is needed, which is why I packed a tiny decant instead of the full pot.

Because of the very dry skin under my eyes, and my dark circles and redness (partly genetic but also aggravated by insomnia and allergies), I need a separate concealer for that area. Chantecaille Total Concealer kind of fit the bill -- it's blendable, offers good (but not opaque) coverage, is yellow-based with some peachy warmth and a shade darker than my skintone -- I find going darker offers better coverage, mimics the natural shadow under the eyes and avoids both the reverse-panda look of too-pale concealer, and the unnaturally flat look of an exact match. Unfortunately as Hong Kong gets cooler, it's starting to look cakey and emphasise my fine dehydration lines throughout the day.

Lunasol is famous for their base makeup, and as they recently expanded the shade range of their concealers in my direction, I thought those'd be worth a shot.

Scary naked face

Scary close-up of eyes

With Lunasol Eyelid Base N 02 over upper lid

Lunasol Eyelid Base N (¥2940 for 2.5g) ROCKS. It's sheer and so creamy so that it blends out to invisibility using a fingertip and you think it can't possibly be doing anything until you step back and realise you look human all of a sudden. Unlike most eyelid primers/bases, it doesn't promise to control oil or mattify but emphasises hydration, correcting dark pigmentation, and helping eyeshadows to blend and last on ALL lids, not just oily ones. Shade 01 (the original) is better for shades NC20 and above.

With Lunasol Underyes Concealer 00 below eyes and on outer corner
Lunasol Undereyes Concealer (¥3150 for 6.5g, doefoot applicator) is... also very good. The best thing about it is the texture -- if you've ever tried Lunasol's cult classic Water Cream foundation, this shares its incredible spreadability, natural finish, and ability to keep skin looking plump and hydrated throughout the day. This shade (00) is a good, yellow-peachy colour that minimises the worst of my redness and bruisey-ness. It doesn't provide enough coverage for 'flawless' looks, but for simple day-to-day ones, I'm satisfied. There are two darker shades (01 and 02) and two colour-correctors too (yellow and orange).

You can purchase both Lunasol concealers from adambeauty.

To complete the look: curled lashes, a coat of good old Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara and a slick of Addiction Cheek Stick in Revenge onto cheeks and lips.

Blended out, Kevyn Aucoin SSE on areas that needed it (the concealer-after-blush tip is from Lisa Eldrige) and brow powder added.

Probably not to everyone's taste, but I can only go so minimalist on the eyes without wanting to smear red blush all over mah face. Only tools used: Chanel curler, Shu 4R sable (to blend concealer), Illamasqua Highlighter brush (to blend cream blush). 

Lips were blended out with a pinkie finger because that's how glorious these Addiction cheeksticks are. As lipsticks, they are not at all drying while being matte and opaque in one coat -- the downside is that you will need to touch up after a meal, but they are normal-lipstick-sized so easy to bring along. Addiction officially kicks Lipstick Queen, Becca and Illamasqua's arses in the multi-purpose lip-and-cheek product contest. If you know of any other contenders though, please do share in the comments :)


  1. Sweetie, even with no makeup on, you look like a pretty doll. However, let's not sugarcoat it, I do see why you need concealer in the eye area and the ones you have there look like they do a fantastic job because they look really natural and I would never have guessed they weren't your real skin!
    And now you got me lemming the Lunasol base AND concealer (AND Possibly foundations) AND the Addiction blush thingy that looks gorgeous (and your clown pic made me giggle).
    <3 M

  2. Mmm.. you had me at dimsum!
    But seriously, I think those concealers do a great job! I might need to give the Lunasol concealer a go!

  3. You look like a doll! Gorgeous minimal look.

  4. you look so gorgeous without mu hun! I am glad you like the cheek stick like I do >.< the colour suits you so well! the eyelid base seems like a really good match here, need it! your minimalistic look is one of my favourites lately, really, you don't need a lot to look like a dream:)I will be ordering THREE foundation soon, I hope the lightest shade will be kinda ok :( can't wait for your swatches and review :]

  5. Thanks for all your doll comments :D IRL I got my forehead felt up for signs of fever. *sigh* Civilians.

    Mariella: no worries my love, there aint enough sugar in the world anyway lol <3

    Claire: I can't believe I waited so long to try those! ADORE them. I remember the palest THREE foundation being a little dark, but maybe with some fake tan/white mixer? :(

  6. Thanks for the review on the Addiction cheeksticks. I want to make a pun that Revenge looks sweet on you and it actually does. *jotting Addiction revenge on wishlist*

  7. Thanks for yet more great reviews. I think this simple look is perfect on you! The Lunasol under eye concealer is already on my wishlist for Xmas and I think I finally have to get the KA SSE. :)

    Does the NARS foundation really work for you? I had it and swapped it away because it was too drying (although I have combo skin). Is the Addiction foundation kinder to dryish skin?

    Oh and one more request - please, would you do a post with arm swatches of your Aurora Reflection e/s! :*

  8. birkinbeautybag: careful, cheesy prose is catching...

    bastet: I can wear the Nars once a week max, or it does dry me out/irritate. Addiction is much better though I felt a little tightness after wearing it for five days straight.
    Aurora swatches to come! They're so pretty I want good light to show them off by :)

  9. Thank you, you're the best! :*

  10. LOVE it! Any idea if the eyelid base on adambeauty is shade 1 or 2?

  11. Anonymous: I think that's 1. Shade 2 is a newer release and adam should have it eventually :)