Friday, 30 December 2011

Addiction by Ayako palettes

Reserving my strength to fight off impending post-Christmas lurgy so here's a brainless picture post introducing the Addiction palette system, and reswatches of the eyeshadows I own (you can see my counter swatches of the line here and Aurora Reflection swatches here).

Addiction make two kinds of palette: Compact Case I (¥1050) holds up to four eyeshadows or two blushes, and Compact Case II (¥1575) six eyeshadows and three blushes. Or of course, a mix: a blush pan is the size of two eyeshadow pans, as you may have gathered.

(More statements of the blindingly obvious ahead.)

I would usually chuck depots into a Z, Shu, ELF or MAC palette, but the thickness of Addiction pans make it impossible to close the lid on any of those. Just for reference, they do fit into a Yaby palette, but I prefer to reserve mine for travelling. And, well, these Addiction palettes are just sleeeeeeek.

Compact Case II, shiny black plastic, not too flimsy/light, pops open when you press the button:

But if you angle it right, the lid flashes ruby:
It opens up completely (to 180º) to reveal a generously-sized mirror in the lid and pin-sized holes in the base should you wish to pop your pans out again:
Similarly, the singles come with handy pinholes for your depotting convenience (think Shu pre Colour Atelier), requiring only two seconds and a bobby pin, and partial sobriety:

Poked through: the pans are loosely attached with glue, once again à la Shu (I made a po-em!)
Blushes (you can of course line up three pans horizontally)
1. Concrete Jungle (P)
2. Sandbar (P)
3. Neverland (ME)
4. Flash Back (ME)
5. Fudge (ME)
6. Pink Python (P)
7. Ice Storm (P)
8. Poetic (P)
9. Horizon (P)
10. Blue Moon (P)
11. Silent Scream (P)
12. Deep Forest (P)

Eyeshadow re-swatches
Natural light

Natural light with flash

Artificial light with flash


  1. That's a brand well-named, if you want my opinion!

  2. So many pretties! Do you know that best place to purchase the compacts from the US? I can only find them on Mihokoshop, which is pricey.

  3. Although I know that I have enough aqua and lilac shades, I keep drooling at the aurora reflection palette. It's so pretty, and the consistency of Addiction e/s is unique. *sighs*

    I only own a 4-pan palette I ordered from Mihokoshop, but since the site has a bad rep on MUA, I am hesitant to purchase another one and keep my extra shadows in their single pans. I wish all brands made it this easy to depot and put together palettes. I have the same question as Julia - I know singles can be bought from, but is there another place that sells the palettes?

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  4. Musing On Beauty: sing it! I still can't quite believe I bought the own-brand palettes... true love or what?

    Julia and Bastet: I'm afraid not. It may be worth emailing ichibankao when they're back from holiday -- they have done 'Custom orders' for customers in the past, but of course their prices are on par with mihokoshop. (And I personally would never order from mihoko again.)

    I really hope they become more widely distributed next year. Zuneta seems like a good fit, no? :)

  5. Thank you for sharing! I am going to Japan early next year and I can't wait to get my hands on Addicton!

  6. They look very sleek :) Like many others I really wish they would be more available as that is the only thing stopping a lot of people buying the brand I think.

  7. Hi there!

    I was wondering could you please let me the price of an eyeshadow and a palette? Also you do happen to know where you can purchase these in the or instore? Thank you!