Sunday, 25 December 2011

December 25th

Happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and to everyone else, a fabulous and frivolous last week of the year!

This stack is pretty representative of my booty bountiful collection of gifts:

Although there were a few beauty treats as well:
The Addiction addiction rumbles on:
Fudge and Sandbar eyeshadows (previously swatched)
Amazing powder blush
3 x Compact Case II
Last Scene lipstick
Suspicious cheekstick

All much-loved staples in my rotation -- Chergui and Voleur de Roses are refills(!), Magazine Street and Russian Caravan Tea will displace my mess of decants.

A look inside A Stitch in Time Volume 2, the base of the stack above:
It reprints a selection of vintage ('30s through '50s) knitting patterns alongside updated versions in contemporary yarns, re-sized for modern frames.

I love that the original patterns are shown with smudges and all:

Of course, this very authenticity can make for some epic lulz:
Major props to that blonde model, who pulls off some of the wackier pieces with more aplomb than the original models...
Of course, there are also many pieces which were covet-at-first-sight, and I will be tracking down some yarn for these in the Boxing Day sales:
And this above all, one of the few patterns which have not been rejigged for a modern knitter's short attention span, but uses the original cobweb-weight yarn on 2.5mm needles.
Those who are familiar with Volume 1 will be glad to know that the sequel displays even more meticulous attention to detail, with an expanded size range and more complete schematic diagrams, as well as notes on achieving the 'authentic' fit for each decade and garment type
down to advice on period-appropriate button choice.

Christmas is a lazy family, food and telly affair for me, so no elaborate FOTD here. Being a contrarian (who frequently wears sparkly green eyeshadow and red lips to mark, say, a Tuesday...) I took retro and unseasonal inspiration from this Henry Clive painting:

all pictures in artificial light (sorry) without flash

Eye close-up -- I dispensed with the falsies, obviously, because lazee.

RBR Sea of Tranquility all over, everywhere!
Ellis Faas S201 concealer under eyes
Kevyn Aucoin SSE SX-1 on blemishes
Paul&Joe eye gloss 05 Rock&Roll, gold all over lid, dark blue in socket and along lashlines
P&J L'Horizon Bleu eyeshadow in Tranquility (LE) over the blue
Shu Uemura Mascara Basic (DC), with Hourglass Lash Lacquer on outer lashes only
Etude House Sweet Cherry Tint in Pink on lips, topped with lipbalm
Etude House Cream Choux Blusher in Miss Grape, topped with Shu Uemura M225 blush
(This combination didn't create the same strong 'pop' of lavender I wanted -- any product recs or application tips much appreciated. Perhaps it's just one of those looks that look better contrasted against darker skin...)


  1. Books, makeup and Lutens, what a spoiled girl you are! Enjoy! xx

  2. LOL.. contrarion! i am exactly the same!


  3. Musing on Beauty: my cunning leave-the-country-for-three-months-right-before-Christmas ploy really paid off! ;)

    blooie: hey you! :D I know your ways, my glossy-eyed rebel

  4. Happy holidays to you too! :) The books look interesting, oh and I love Downton Abbey. Just watched the Christmas special and sighed happily at the end. ;) Gorgeous Addiction stash addition *jealous sigh here*.

    I think the blush looks good. It's probably stronger IRL than in the photo.

  5. Oooh- more Addiction! I purchased Truffle, Flashback, and Fudge based on your swatches, and am loving them. Their texture is unlike anything I've tried before, with no fallout whatsoever. I'm wondering- it you had to choose, would you go for Sandbar or Rigoletto? Also, I don't see any of the purported green in your swatch of Neverland. Do you think you have to use it wet to bring that out? Thanks!

  6. bastet: happy Christmas, beautiful! I'm going through bad withdrawals now having just gulped down the entire thing + special. Great Expectations just aint cutting it...

    Julia: I'm so glad! Rigoletto is warmer of the two so Sandbar is more versatile for me.
    I definitely need to reswatch Neverland, but it does flash green even used dry, although layering over a dark creamy base helps bring the duochrome out further.