Friday, 9 December 2011

Guest Review: RBR Endless Miracles Swift Length Mascara by LauraJean396

Upon receiving it as a gift with purchase with my last RBR order, I was eager to try this mascara from one of my favourite brands to see if it would measure up to my Japanese favourites.

Upon opening the tube halfway and seeing that it was brown, I heard shrieky violins and immediately emailed beautiful friend and mascara junkie lash queen LauraJean for help (hey, it rhymes! Maybe she won't slap me....) And she has kindly stepped in with a guest review, which follows. All text and pictures are by LauraJean396, who has a delicious blog and a youtube channel too. Go on, click. I defy you not to fall for her charm and devastating Southern accent.

A Review – Rouge Bunny Rouge Endless Miracles Swift Length Mascara
Written by: LauraJean396 @

There is one part of a cosmetics routine that I personally believe cannot be skipped.  In a makeup look it can be the difference between a look being pretty or becoming amazing.  The product that I am referring to is mascara. 

There are a number of different mascaras, each having their own claims and strengths.  Some will lengthen, some will volumize or thicken the lashes, while some just define or separate the lashes.  There are several mascaras that combine any combination of those effects.  And of course there are mascaras that claim they do it all and make your natural lashes look like they are false lashes.  There are so many claims made by mascara companies that are so far fetched that we, as consumers, need to know the truth on the performance. 

The mascara that I am reviewing for you today is Rouge Bunny Rouge Endless Miracles Swift Length Mascara.  The shade that I tried was the Untamed Sable, which RBR describes as Darkest Brown.
With all RBR products, there is a story to go with it as well as a description.

The Story
“The dream-weavers in the celestial skies fly nimbly above the Enchanted Garden, sprinkling sighs and singing their thrillingly sweet lullabies.
The order of RBR caught their falling treasures to bring your mischievous winks, demure flutters or sensuous sweeps magically to life, in a flash of a hummingbird’s wing.  So make a wish and put it in your pocket – it’s your own coup d’oeil in a glance.  One swift and effortless application of this mascara and instantly your lashes are voluminously long and seductively curvaceous.  The result is sexy, scintillating and extremely elegant.  An attention-grabber, a heart-stopper, a traffic-stopper!  Chief dreamer, own they dream.  You’re naked without it!”

The Claims

“A rich and creamy formula for an instant release of colour and lengthy lashes.  With pure and powerful active ingrediencts, including Bamboo to condition and repair the lashes, Vitamin E to provide anti-ageing qualities and D-panthenol for hydration.  Tenacious protection to glorify your look all day long without clumping, flaking or smudging. 

The new Hypno Brush, with its double row of bristles, is made using the latest technology: The long bristles ensure eyelash separation without gluing them and without leaving limps, while the short bristles give maximum volume and lengthening.  The mascara is applied smoothly and evenly, separating and coating each eyelash equally with the effect of false lashes.  Now you don’t need tweezers – our new mascara will curve your eyelashes.”
I would like to start off by stating that I have naturally longer lashes that have a slight curl.  The results I received with this mascara were separation, definition, hydration, and a slight improvement in length.  One thing I specifically want to mention is that this mascara is wonderful for layering.  The very first time I used this mascara I purposefully applied coat after coat (after coat after coat after coat).  The reason was because I was pushing it as far as I could to test its performance.  I wanted to see if it would build up to something extremely dramatic or if it would clump up and turn the lashes into “spider” lashes.  They stayed separated but kept building upon the last layer in length and in volume.
Final Thoughts
This mascara is good for people that want subtle, soft, fluttery lashes.  The length that you get from this mascara is minute.  For those of you that want bold, dramatic lashes—this could be a nice base for something that adds more of the elements that you enjoy.   I am impressed with the fact it is clump-free and hydrating, even if I do prefer more length.  So their claims are half truthful.  You wont receive false looking lashes, but this mascara will will deliver a softer “pretty” look.

My Newest Addiction Rating: <3 <3 <3 < (3.5 out of 5)


  1. Unfortunately, soft and fluttery doesn't work on my short, stick straight lashes. I wish it did as yours look v "pretty" indeed. As usual, I get the worst case of lash envy whenever I see yours LJ. Sigh..

  2. Charisse - You are gorgeous all over... I get major skin and lip envy from you! <3

  3. *pours ice water over both of youse*

    Charisse, I think Helena Rubinstein may be the natural, fluttery mascara of choice for my less-awesome-than-LJ lashes...