Wednesday, 14 December 2011

KATE Rouge High Glam swatches

Released on August 1st 2011 as part of KATE's Autumn 2011 collection, these Rouge High Glam are marketed as 'luxury' drugstore lipsticks, promising long wear with with a treatment complex to keep lips moisturised and plump.

While I love KATE's eye products, their lip formulations have always seemed like an afterthought and I much preferred those from sister-brand Lavshuca. However, just as Lavshuca eyeshadows have improved beyond all recognition over the last few releases, KATE now seem to be upping their game with this new lipstick.

It does feel luxurious: silky, with just the right amount of slip and more pigment than I'd expected from a Japanese drugstore line -- similar to my beloved Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge. The sleek black twist-up bullets are slim, to make straight-from-the-tube application more precise, and textures are all creams, some with subtle micro-shimmer, but none downright shiny/glossy on the lips. There is a good shade-range (15) almost entirely devoid of concealer nudes, with (typically of KATE) darker and brighter shades than are commonly found in other J-drugstore brands

15 permanent shades, retailing at HK$90 or ¥1470.

All swatches one swipe, pictures taken in bright artificial light (no flash)
KATE Rouge High Glam swatch RS-10, RS-11, RD-15, RD-14, OR-10, PK-21, PK-22, BE-33, BE-34, PK-17

KATE Rouge High Glam swatch BE-35, BR-6, RS-9, RD-16, BR-9
Hop over to Birkinbeautybag for a glowing review of PK-17, one of the twelve shades currently available on adambeauty for US$13 each.

Shade list for search purposes: RS-10, RS-11, RD-15, RD-14, OR-10, PK-21, PK-22, BE-33, BE-34, PK-17, BE-35, BR-6, RS-9, RD-16, BR-9


  1. Thank your for the swatches: I was already plotting another one and these really help. Also, thank you for mentioning me :D

  2. I love Kate lipsticks - thanks for the swatches!

  3. Thank YOU birkie for writing such a great review :)

    Jamilla, I did not know that! I always get distracted by the eyeshadows at KATE. These are lovely though.