Friday, 2 December 2011

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow swatches -- singles and new quads

Japanese drugstore brands can come and go in the blink of an eye and Majolica Majorca (launched in 2003 by Shiseido) ranks as a veteran by now. Although it was one of my gateways into Japanese makeup, and their Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara remains a staple, its competitors Lavshuca and KATE (from Kanebo) and Visee (from Kose) have since supplanted it in my affections.

Swatching some of the newer releases, I was struck by how improved the eyeshadow formula was -- in terms of pigment and buttery feel, not far off the best textures from other drugstore lines, like KATE Dual Blend Eyes, Lavshuca Melting Eyes or Visee Glam Nude Eyes.

All swatches patted on with a fingertip.

BR793 and GR791, two permanent quads originally released in Autumn 2010. These are nominally in the Jewelling Eyes series, but are completely different (richer and more pigmented) from the rest of that range, as well as featuring more interesting colour combos. HK$138 for 4g.

artificial light

artificial light + flash

Unusually for a Japanese drugstore brand, MM also continues to make singles -- Eye Shadow Customize, retailing for HK$52 each. While certain cult shades like SV821 (supposedly a 'dupe' for Shu ME Silver 785, though I didn't find them too similar) have been discontinued, there are still some gorgeous neutrals to be getting on with.

artificial light

artificial light + flash
WT920 is pinker and has a less intense frosty/metallic finish than WT963
BE286 a delicate neutral rose gold
GD822 extremely buttery warm old gold
BR665 olive bronze with gold shimmer
BR784 cool yellow-based brown
BK922 gunmetal satin base with iridescent grey, blue and silver shimmer


  1. Thanks for the swatches! Gorgeous!! I love GD822 and BR784

  2. Oh wow! BR793 looks rather delicious... I still only have a lone MM single eyeshadow :O

  3. bk922 looks so nice! Thank you for the swatches

  4. I hope they're helpful :) I see the site lists some bright shades too but haven't been able to track those down yet...

    Mira, GD822 made me think of Addiction Fudge! :O