Monday, 5 December 2011

Majolica Majorca Holiday Mascara reviewlet

Just a reviewlet because this limited edition shade (#12) for Holiday 2011 performs in exactly the same way as the regular black Lash Expander Frame Plus (and the limited edition brown version for Spring):
- holds a curl on the stubbornest lashes
- doesn't crease, smudge or flake no matter how much you rub your eyes (and I can testify that it is at least monsoon- and typhoon-proof so will probably see you through an apocalypse or two)
- offers lots of length and definition and a little volume
- is a pain in the arse to remove (Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover will save you time, lashes, raised blood pressure and repetitive strain injury from rubbing cleansing oil into your lashes for hours.)

It is also the same price. So in HK that's HK$128 and in Japan (where I hear it's reached Revlon-Lip-Butter-levels of drugstore unicornhood) ¥1260.

swatches -- blackened navy with sparse medium blue shimmer and black fibres

On my black lashes, this gives the subtlest hint of colour, and the blue shimmer is barely visible unless I wobble my head and squint into a lighted magnifying mirror. Hey-ho. It makes me feel pretty to know it's there.

Eyes: horizontal gradation with Becca Chiffon, Shu Uemura ME786, RBR Abyssinian Catbird from inner corner to outer; RBR Vera pencil liner; Majolica Majorca LEFP #12; KATE Brow Powder

Base: KA SSE SX01 on blemishes, Lunasol Undereye 00
Cheeks: Hourglass Rouge cheekstain, Shiseido High Beam White
Lips: Dior Addict Tokyo

Note: this FOTD is a pretty good example of when experimentation (e/s brought high up at the inner corner) ends up producing a look I'm not happy with.

Note to self: the PTB will find ways to mock you for issuing pretentious manifestoes, like condemning you to look bruised and somewhat cross-eyed all day.


  1. I wanted this mascara so bad but it was already sold out everywhere. there is a difference but I can't tell what exactly. I love your brows here, natural yet defined! high up in your inner corner doesn't look that bad (it seems butterfly like and dreamy:D)

    BTW, how are your THREE products? I am thinking about e/s quad 04, do you remember the brown shade there? I am wondering if it is really warm or just warm (?)

  2. I love this look on you! This mascara is just toooo hard on my pathetic little lashes!

  3. You look polished, radiant and expensive in this fotd. Lol!
    The mascara looks lovely.

  4. I really admire this FOTD, actually. But I'm partial to blues.

  5. You're too pretty, and that's all I'm saying. :)

  6. I disagree, I think you look really pretty today! It's a good all around look.

  7. Claire: done :)

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Just one of those taste things evidently.

  8. Oh my gosh!! That is a breathtaking FOTD!! Helloooooooooo gorgeous! (Guess where that quote is from!) the blue sounds amazing. I want it now--of course I do, you called it a unicorn! A navy smoky look on you is soooo amazing. I has no words

  9. I realize this post is terribly old, but you've officially got me addicted to RBR - your eyes in this post are gorgeous! Now if only i could find a comparable mascara...I want ALL THE THINGS! o_O