Saturday, 17 December 2011

Trial Run

It's Saturday which means more time to play with makeup in the morning, and I decided to try out:
-- some new(ish) Rouge Bunny Rouge goodies
-- to franken a plum lipstick with a hint of brown à la Sleek Cranberry
-- my new hat
-- a new style of FOTD post

Left to right:
RBR Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Lola as a base and liner
RBR Caress of Mink loose pigment over lid and under the eye
 RBR Unforgettable Oriole eyeshadow on inner corner and lower lashline
Koji Linequeen 1 Day Strong extra-fine liquid liner for a little wing
RBR Vera eye kohl on lower waterline
Majolica Majorca LEFP #12 mascara
Shu Uemura H9 Stone Grey brow pencil

 natural light

 natural light with flash

 Other products and swatches
Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow as base
Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX01 on blemishes
Ellis Faas Concealer S201 under eyes
Sleek Flushed blush
Shiseido High Beam white highlighter

Ellis Faas Milky Lips 202
Media Lip Liner WN-1

natural light and flash (to bring out the shimmer)

 natural light, no flash (more colour-accurate)

Please excuse the little eczema flare-up, and note:
1. the pigmented, complex, creamy divinity that is Lola. It blends effortlessly as a base/cream eyeshadow even on my extremely dry winter skin. Swatch is fat festive(!) because, as previous reviewers had warned, these pens are NOT retractable and I twisted out too much and and and then it broke.
2. that Caress of Mink is swatched straight onto a bare arm, no primer or base. These RBR pigments are as creamy as their pressed eyeshadows and every bit as effortless to use. If you are leery of loose powder products, please ditch all preconceptions and give these a chance. Replica has swatches of her beautiful collection.
3. that the Sleek Flushed swatch is two layers, applied with my Suqqu Cheek brush, a testament both to the incredible pigmentation of the former, and the ability of the latter to deposit pigment despite its unholy softness.

natural light, indoor

Lighting was off so I snapped another outdoors on my way to...uh, pick up some milk and the paper. So glam.

It is bloody freezing today so my latest finished object came in handy. Made from some odds and ends of Rowan Kid Classic (a wool, mohair and nylon blend), it was a fun, interesting and quick knit, and I shall always think of the generous friend who gave me the pattern when sporting it. <3


  1. Gorgeous as usual! I now regret not getting Caress of Mink with my last order. I am so jealous of your lashes, skin, lips...everything really.
    <<3 the hat :D

  2. So stunning do these deeper reds look on you: you remind me of a modern Snowwhite braving the winter cold

  3. Gorgeous hat and the MU is lovely as always! That l/s really suits you. :)

  4. Absy :**** you are my goddess :P Swapsies anytime.

    Birkin: you're too kind! I am not a braver actually, lol more a scurrier-back-indoorser...

    Nicole: thank you, my lovely :) It's not quite what I was aiming for but a nice shade all the same.

  5. OMG, Kate! I have a similar hat :D that is so funny, lol. was it very hars to depot the sleek blushers? I am in depotting mood, was so scared but the RBR depotting went really ok (everything is still alive :D). you should wear more deep vampy lip stuff, it suits you really well! I need that suqqu blush brush, can it be used as powder brush as well or is it too small? the hakuhodo I have (blush brush) it too dense for me for powder (too much powder on my face).

  6. So glam! I have yet to try the pigments over a base, they look amazing this way.

  7. This is so pretty, you rock the red lips!

  8. Claire: *hugs* We need to go shopping if you ever come to London :D I found a great porno bag shop just last week, lol
    Suqqu Cheek definitely doubles up as a powder brush for me. I am mainly using my Chikuhodo Z-2 for powder atm though, as it gets into all the crevices of the face.

    Martha.: I can't wait to see what you come up with :) Your Catbird/Tinamou combo has become one of my favourites.

    Jacqueline: thank you, my lovely! Red lips are my comfort blanket, lol

  9. You are so gorgeous! And I'm so impressed you knitted that hat- it looks complicated :)

    Can I ask how you apply the RBR pigment? I just got one and have been trying to figure out the best application method (mostly tapping the sponge applicator on the back of my hand and then dipping in my brush).

    Also got the Lola liner- must try as base! What's the lasting time of the Vera eye khol? I love this FOTD!

  10. Hey Julia, thanks so much :)

    I usually use a small firm brush to pick up colour from the RBR sponge applicator for a stronger look, and pat on to my eye. Maybe using another fluffy brush to blend out any edges once it's been laid down.

    Vera lasts all day on my lids/lashline, and a couple of hours on my waterline. Actually RBR converted me to pencil liners so I'm not sure if that's exceptional or just good. :)

  11. YOu are just stunning and from one befreckled lass to another, you have the prettiest freckles ever!

  12. LOL, I am always up for porn bags :]! you introduce me to your suqqu counter as well, right? ;) when I am in japan, you will get a love package from me, you are too kind bb, thank for all the cp's, without you I hadn't the chance to get so many nice things, thank's a lot! :********

  13. Gorgeous look! Thank you so much for sharing :)