Saturday, 21 January 2012

And now for something completely tasteless

I've been keeping it pretty classy lately with mostly Suqqu, and there's more yet to come as I work through all my quads for reviews/swatches. This has been seeping into all other aspects of my frivolous life, leading to an impulsive final-cut-absolutely-no-returns sale purchase of a dress which is far too ladylike for me to feel comfortable in. I wore it last night anyway, and tried to undercut it with The Power of Makeup. (With a Little Help from Clompy Shoes.)

Dries Van Noten, S/S...ages ago. Nod to the geta to play off the dress' play on origami and qipao? Uh, it was, like, a cultural-appropriation-themed party?

Apologies in advance for quality of all pictures, hastily snapped in the bathroom.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Wake Not the Dead on the lid in a fairly rounded shape and under the eye, orchid-pink base with holographic glitter -- blue, green and gold. At least. :D
RBR Grey Go-Away Lourie in the socket for a cut crease...until I changed my mind and blended it out a bit with Papyrus Canary. Unforgettble Oriole in inner corner.
Shu Uemura Eyelight white pencil on lower waterline
B&C Makemania super fine eyeliner (it sets GREY! do.not.want.)
Eyelure Girls Aloud Cheryl falsies (the old style, not the new -- see here)
KATE eyebrow gel BR-3

more evenly lit angle, but even more derp.
 Other Products
Suqqu Makeup Base Creamy
Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Lady Fair -- bit pale for me at the moment but not too obvious at night-time. No need for concealing, I even look less freckly!
Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Dragon

 Overall effect, or as much as I could capture in the bathroom mirror. It would've been nice if I'd left time to do my nails... neon orange perhaps. ;)
Things wot I learned 
1. Falsies + uneven eyes = eyes that look even more uneven. Even. After spending last year mastering application... sigh. Also, heavy. Also, needs balancing on the lower lashline.
2. Strong eyes and strong lips = needs more contouring.
3. Clothes shopping when on a makeup diet = bad plan.
More lessons / constructive criticism would be very welcome! Save me from myself etc.


  1. Ooh lady, don't regret that dress for a hot second 'cause you are working it hard! Honestly, it fits you even more nicely than it does the Elie Tahari model. I can definitely see it being dressed up or dressed down, so I'm sure it'll get a good workout in your closet.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thanks for a bit of winter fun!! Even I get tired of tasteful neutrals and went with bronzer this week!

  3. Love the dress! Yeah I tried wearing falsies every day a while ago but I began to not like the effect; it gave my eyes that elongated look when what I wanted was for them to look bigger. I think I'll try that method in which the falsies are cut in four pieces and placed underneath one's lashes. More work than I'd like but I think I like the effect more.

  4. Oh wow.... That last shot just floored me. That dress is beautiful and you look so... model-esque in it :D *hugs*

  5. I'm in love with the whole look and outfit, you are rocking them, it's stunning!!

  6. Beautiful makeup look which goes perfectly with the dress.

    You have great bone structure already so I don't think you need much contouring. I've also heard good things about the Tom Ford Shade/Illuminate palette.

    If you need a clearer contouring guide, Rae Morris' book helps a lot to explain how to contour/highlight. I would also check out this link as well (not affiliated):

    Since you like to wear bold lipstick maybe a colorless or reverse lip liner would help? I haven't tried them myself but after getting frustrated with trying to match the right lip liner color to multiple lipsticks, I may try it since it eliminates the need for multiple lip liners.

  7. where is the pose, miss mus? ;)

    the dress looks great on you and your figure is perfect! ladylike? yes. but there is nothing wrong with it :] I love warm colours on you and you should definetly experiment with them more, paired with a cool toned lip - perfect. *noms your clompy shoes*

  8. Thanks for all your comments and advice, everyone :)

    Jamilla, I knew you'd understand :) Though you do inspire me to work colours into the mu work wardrobe.

    kaide: see, I always want my eyes to look longer! I will have to experiment more with different styles and placements for sure.

    Audrey, thanks for such an illuminating, helpful post! I am a Rae Morris fan but tend to skip over the contouring bits in favour of fun eyeshadow looks. Must revisit :)

  9. If I saw you in real life I would probably stop and stare and you may wish to slap me!

    Oh yes, where were we? Makeup!

    I love the eye makeup! I have yet to try any Frynnae goodies but I shall look into it now!