Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Guest Post: Shu Uemura 10 Natural and Kolinsky 11 Comparison by toto850

Another great head-to-head comparison between one of my favourite brushes (#10 natural) and one I've long been curious about (#11). Thanks again, toto!

Shu Uemura #10 Natural vs #11 Kolinsky comparison by toto850
Let us start with the difference between the type of hairs. Shu Uemura always put sthe name of the hairs on their brush handles, so everyone would know the difference between each brush.
The #10N is a mixture between Kolinsky and Sable hairs, which makes the brush very firm and a bit stiff. The #11 is made from pure Kolinksy (hence the hefty price point) and it's more flexible (and less stiff) but still firm like the #10N.

Also the shape of these 2 brushes are different. The #10N is more rounded and tapered, while the #11 is more square like with rounded edges (if that makes any sense). As you can see on the pics the #11 is also bigger than the #10N
I find the #11 a little bit denser than the #10N, b/c it's longer and contains more bristles. The biggest advantage from Kolinsky brushes is that the bristles won't splay as much like other natural hair brushes tend to do.
I tried to push both brushes down to see if there is a differene in resistance between these brushes. 
Because the #10N is shorter, a bit stiffer and has less bristles, so it gives more resistance than the #11 brush. The longer and softer hairs makes the #11 more bendable, so it's better for blending than the #10N.
The #10N pushed down:

The #11 pushed down:

I will be brief about the application of e/s colour. Both are firm enough to pack on a good amount of colour with great pigmentation.
Here is swatch comparison of the purple colour in the Suqqu #06 Ginbudou quad. On the left I swatched the colour with the #10N brush and on the right I swatched the same colour with the #11 brush. Not really much of a difference.

And last but not least: here is comparison with the MAC 252 and MAC 242 brushes as a reference for the differences in sizes.
The MAC 242 is definitely shorter than the #10N and the MAC 252 is a little shorter than the #11 in length (but wider sidewise).


  1. Toto -
    Is there any difference in softness? The 11 looks so beautiful, but for that price, I really wish I could try in person!

    - Alex

  2. Alex, the difference in softness is not really that noticable, but the #11 Kolinsky is a tad softer. Like I mentionned above, the #10 is a mixture of Sable and Kolinsky hairs, which is bound to be a bit more stiffer and less soft than the #11. Hope this helps. :)