Sunday, 15 January 2012

Halcyon Fakes

As fellow UK'ers will know, it's just gone all wintry over here, so naturally I'm, like, so over those vampy plums and reds and all about bright oranges and beachy corals! Well, until next week...

Becca is my go-to brand for that effortless beach girl/angel thang, and I've been resisting their Halcyon Days palette since its release last summer. Their palettes usually manage to be both pitch-perfect combinations of flattering shades and textures and to dexterously conjure up mood, scene and story through those combinations. And while they don't offer the innovative and inspiring juxtapositions of brands like Suqqu, Shiseido or Addiction, sometimes an old tale told simply and well is just what's needed.

Shu Stage Performer mixed with RBR liquid bronzer as foundation
RBR liquid bronzer mixed with Sea of Tranquility highlighter as blush
Visee x Smacky Glam Glam Glow Eyes BR-7 Bitter Brown* (peach/coral on the lid, dark brown to line, bronze-taupe on lower lashline)
Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L307
Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks waterproof mascara
(not pictured: Ellis Faas concealer S201, KATE brow gel BR-3)

natural light

after about six hours of wear, artificial light with flash (becuase that's all the sun ration we're allowed)

I apologise for the excessive amounts of posiness / derp in these. My hair was even more wayward than usual and kept flopping into my face and hiding the bronzer/highlight which I especially wanted to show.

*Which swatches like this:


  1. *Angels Sing* I love this look on you my dear! Good job on duping the palette! I want to steal your face!

  2. Truly beautiful look! I have wanted the Halcyon palette for awhile but how many nude palettes do I need? Don't answer that......

  3. Becca really sums up a certain mood, I agree. I really like your beachy interpretation and I noted the Visee palette & Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L307 on my wishlist.

  4. Very pretty my dear! The Becca palette is more matte but this works well with the shimmer too!

  5. A really chic and gorgeous look!

  6. RBR illuminators showcased properly for once! Your skin is absolutely glowing. Those lips look kissable too. *muah*

  7. LJ: I know that pose is your catnip ;)

    Martha: I know, right? We should sign some kind of mutual protection pact.

    Musing: ah! The mainspring of this particular lemming returns to the scene of the crime. Your comment made me realise I remember very little detail about the actual palette I swatched last year, it's been heavily idealised by now...

    Jamilla: from the queen of chic elegance herself :)

    Absy: you have ALL my kisses, not just the Ellis ones.