Monday, 30 January 2012

Linklings of spring

Could be just a case of the grass-is-always greener, but I've found myself uninspired by all of the new releases I've been able to see and swatch in real life, and trawling the net for reports of Japan-exclusive pretties instead.

Of Addiction's new offerings the dusty, washed-out pastel eyeshadows caught my attention early on. Birkingbeautybag has an excellent review and swatches of 059P Tiny Shell.
@Cosme user emo8 posted swatches of 061P Midnight Drive and 063P Sand Martin here, both of which seem on the shimmery rather than satin side of Addiction's Pearl formula.
Another @Cosme member, *♪ゆうこ♪* (er... sic) has swatches of (from top to bottom): 059P Tiny Shell, 061P Midnight Drive, 062P Mariage, and Silent Scream here.
From other reviews, it seems that Mariage is a very sheer topcoat, with large glitter flecks set in a clear (and cream? or creamy powder) base.

Based on these swatches, none of these shades seem tempting enough to make up one of my twelve products this year. I would love to hear from any eagle-eyed readers who've seen other pictures though...

The more lemmings fall, the larger the few remaining ones loom. Currently dwarfing all others are the (admittedly ridiculous, I care not, la!) Ladurée blushes.
A Blissful Living has an excellent launch-day report (how I miss the East Asian openness to new and shiny trends and inordinately long queues for them -- waiting for the replacement bus after your tube train spits you out at a random stop aint quite the same somehow...). I'm also incredibly envious of those, like Hana-san, who also attended, and scored two of the three limited edition miniature rose-petal blushes (they look pigmented! yay!)
The official site is live, and has pictures of the different shades. And if you click a swatch, it will provide you with the individual ingredients list for that colour, très moderne. Unfortunately the cream eggs (what?) seem to be sheer blush bases rather than cream blushes proper, but the shade range of the cameos is truly swoon-worthy and I can't decide between:

Finally, the Suqqu Spring micro-site is up, with product pics and the obligatory making-of video and random downloadables. According to the sales associate I spoke to today, the collection won't be launching in the UK until March. (In my shock I blurted, "but surely you can't be serious..." but no "don't call me Shirley" was forthcoming. So I think she was. Woecake.)


  1. I'm off to Tokyo to get me some Laudree!

  2. I'm excited for this brand! & glad that it won't be Asia exclusive, unlike so many of the other brands I'm interested in trying.

  3. Ou my good God. My favourite macaroon purveyor are going to make makeup in all of those beautiful macaroon colours and scents i see in their stores .... DEAD. (I love you for that little bit alone)

  4. Jamilla, do you feel that chill? It's the force of my envy radiating you-wards!

    Kaide -- knowing my luck I'll cough up the ridiculous ichi prices and then have them announce the UK release in a week...

    Phaedra. Do EET. They're so... fancy.

  5. That's not promising: Sand Martin isn't a beige?

  6. Dain: reviews seem to have it as anything from purple-silver-beige to pink to mauvey red. Possibly quite a lot lost in translation there.