Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Something old, something...flu?

Now for an illustration. Somewhat fluey, mildly hungover, in need of comfort both physical and psychological = '90s throwback RMS face. Because if you're going to go brown, you may as well go brown.

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow
RMS Beauty 'un' cover-up 11 under eyes
RMS Magnetic eyeshadow over lid and lower lashline
RMS Rapture lip2cheek on lips and cheeks
Shu Eye Light Pencil matte white on lower waterline, natch
Shu H9 eyebrow pencil Stone Grey
Shu Mascara Basic (DC) (being propped up by an RMS lid)

90s Day, natural light

Just for fun, Outfit (I did the plaid and lingerie things, sadly no DMs remained. Also, I washed my hair. Hey, I had to go out.)

Shoes were an Anthro sale score, comfy/quirky enough that they're authentic in spirit. Ahem.

Slightly amped up for night-time, with three additional products
 RBR Long-lasting eye pencil Lola smudged along outer halves of lashlines
Illamasqua Intrigue blush (I am still searching for the a matte ashy taupe contour shade that works for my pale skin -- in the meantime, reverse contouring (matte highlighting) will have to do
Hourglass Lash Lacquer over the Shu mascara

I also added extra coats of Magnetic on lids, Rapture on lips and white on the waterline

90s Night, artificial light
It looks like I have a darker matte on the outer half of my lid here; I don't, it's just a quirk of the lighting. Magnetic manages to both look very sheeny when it catches the light, and very subtle/muted when in shadow.


  1. You look great! I love your blog, especially all of your detailed reviews and comparisons. Please keep up the good work <3

  2. Amazing. Loved the daytime outfit but your nighttime face just blew me away!! Standing o!!

  3. Supergorgeous, what delightful shoes. PS: I love Burberry 7 Earthy blush for a good pale skin contour. How do you like the RMS blush hybrid and how does it live up to your blush standards?

  4. Me like! Honestly, when I see some TV series back from the 90's, I sometimes cringe at makeup application, but for the most part I am nostalgic about it and I did rock the brown lipstick, so as far as I'm concerned, the 90's can come back, I'll know how to deal with them :-p

  5. You're pretty AND talented - I should hate you but I choose to love you instead. :*

  6. I love the cute outfit and the look. You look really good with bright or darker lipstick.I hope you are feeling better!

  7. I just love your entire look! I hope you get well soon!

  8. Thanks for all your lovely words and kind wishes :D

    Birkie: I must check that out -- I really like the texture of Burberry blushes! RMSBeauty are the creamiest, dewiest, richest products I own. Also impressively pigmented! My favourites in winter -- but they never 'set' and stay somewhat creamy/tacky so bear that in mind if you hate makeup you can 'feel'.

    Mariella: I admit to wincing at '90s' looks up until a few months ago... check back in 2022, I'll be loving the orange face, Kardashian smokey eye and gloopy concealer lips.

  9. *steals Anthro shoes and hides* Love this post!