Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Spring Collections Swatches -- Givenchy and Armani

Unless otherwise specified, all pictures were taken in natural light. 

Givenchy Instant Bucolique was one of my most anticipated releases this season. Unfortunately the textures proved to be disappointing, so I will stick to riffing/ripping off the ad image from other products in my stash. As always, tastes differ (mine often differ from themselves within the space of an hour); you can see several of the products looking absolutely beautiful on Musing on Beauty.

The blushes (£31) were both on the sheer and shimmery side (too shimmery for me -- as you can see, they emphasise textural issues). These swatches are each five layers of the shades swirled together, applied with a goat-hair brush.
No. 1 Bubolic Rose // No. 2 Bubolic Poppy

The eyeshadow quad, Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor No. 79 Bucolic Blossoms (£35) consists of four satins, again rather sheer. While applying smoothly, I found them to look quite dry on my skin (drier than some mattes) and despite making my swatches on the second day of release, I noticed that the tester was already crumbling in places, again a sign of drier texture. These swatches are three swipes with a sponge applicator.

Lip products consisted of a sheerish orange-red jelly lipstick, Rouge Interdit No. 54 Bucolic Poppy (£21) and a pigmented bright red cream gloss, Gloss Interdit No. 32 Bucolic Poppy (£19). At my counter there was also a very sheer pink gloss-balm Gelee Interdit (£19) in the display, so I swatched that too. All of these share a candied fruit scent.
Rouge (3 swipes) // Gloss (1 swipe) // Gelee (1 swipe)

Quad and Lip shades again, taken with flash:
Also part of the collection were a red nail polish (Vernis Please! Bucolic Poppy No.177) and face powder (Le Prisme Visage Bucolique in Bucolic Blossoms, £36.50), which blended completely into my skin leaving a very subtle hint of shimmer, much like other perfecting powders (Guerlain Meteorites for example). All items in the collection are limited edition.

Now for Armani Luce D'Oro, which was a Reader Request (you can always send these by comment-form or email). Again, all shades are limited edition.

Hotly anticipated, the cult creamy-gel-like Waterproof Eyeliner Pencils (£18) from previous collections are released in two new shades, 4 Antique Gold and 5 Copper, both smooth metallics. According to the Armani Sales Associate, brown and black shades of these are due to join the permanent line-up later this year. Swatches are one smooth sweep :)

The blush (Tourmaline Pink) is an extremely sheer light peachy pink with quite a hefty dose of silver shimmer. It took three heavy swipes with a sponge applicator for this to show up on my very pale wrist.

with flash (sorry for terrible quality, but it shows the shimmer)

Both eyeshadow quads consist of four frosts. Medium pigmentation, but the colour-combinations and lack of textural variation made these another easy pass for me. Two swipes each with a sponge applicator.
Luce D'Oro #1

with flash

Luce D'Oro #2

with flash

Finally, four shades of Gloss D'Armani (£21). These were all creams (no shimmer) and seemed to be on the sheer side (sheerer than Chanel Extrait de Gloss or Ellis Faas Glazed, anyway... I don't have too many gloss reference points).
Pink 508 Blush // Beige 105 Greige D'Armani // Brown 201 Caffeine // Rouge 405 Wild Rose


  1. Ah, I feel so much better about passing on all of these. Thank you for the great swatches!

  2. Wonderful swatches! I think I'll give this collection a miss!

  3. ROFL, it's BuColique, sweetie, not BuBolique - we made too many word games with that name, haha!
    It's weird, I don't find the blush shimmery at all but then I might have a high tolerance to shimmer. I agree that the eyeshadows were very sheer, which is why I passed.
    Thanks for the link by the way!

  4. Glad I could help guys :) As always, ymmv and all that...

    Musing: I'm dying here! LOL! Concentrating so hard on not typing BuboNique...
    I think you may have a normal tolerance and I have an intense phobia ;)

  5. I love this update and I think I checked out Givenchy today as well: I do like the face powder with the slight shimmer (the quad thingy). As for Armani: he's done better before and I will skip the blush based on your review

  6. That is disappointing about the Givenchy blushes- did you find them dry and patchy during application? They do powders so well, so these seem to be an exception :(

  7. Birkin: glad I could help :) I'm relying on you for the Japanese makeup reviews for now!

    Julia: I didn't find the blushes dry, just sheer and too shimmery to flatter my skin (check out those sexay arm bumps!)

  8. These are great swatches! I like that Gloss Interdit No. 32 Bucolic Poppy its hot.

    Christina @ Mens Boots