Friday, 6 January 2012

Stash Swatch: Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip and Cheek

As Zuneta are currently running a 20% off discount code (ELLE20) until February 28th, I thought it would be useful to swatch my Rouge Bunny Rouge collection to help you make your blind-buying decisions. Not that there's any great shortage of those any more, but I'm not one of those fastidious sophisticates who think that less is somehow more. Or, if it is, then more is even MORE. And better, always!

First up, lip and cheek products.

RBR blushes are my favourites, and the core of my 'wardrobe'. They are richly pigmented, creamy-feeling powders with satin finishes (not entirely matte, no visible shimmer once applied). They are one of the few powder formulas which I can wear year-round, even on dessicated winter skin, and conversely stay true-to-colour and are impressively long-lasting even in tropical climates.

Yeah, I'm a depotter. The other nice thing about creamy powders like RBR (rather than dry ones like Illamasqua or Nars) is that they're relatively safe and easy to depot.

Paper swatches, natural light
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Swatch Delicata Starina Orpheline Gracilis Florita Rubens

Arm swatches, natural light
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Swatch Delicata Starina Orpheline Gracilis Florita Rubens

Arm swatches, natural light, shade
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Swatch Delicata Starina Orpheline Gracilis Florita Rubens
Delicata is the perfect nude 'my cheeks but more better' blush for pale skin. No, I never knew such a thing existed either but I always get cheekbone compliments when I wear this.
Starina is a light, yellow-based coral. It's very unusual to find a shade like this in a non-Asian brand, which tend to assume that pale skin is always pink. As birkinbeautybag writes, it's the perfect brightening wamth for pale skin, without any ruddiness or muddiness.
Orpheline is my favourite, as you can see. Perfect face-brightening clear coral-pink. Think Illamasqua Hussy, but in a creamy, smooth texture with a slight dimensional sheen.
Gracilis soft rosy mauve. I usually find RBR's shade descriptions spot-on, but this shade is warm enough not to be a cool-skintones-only option in my experience.
Florita neutral raspberry red
Rubens blush stick, the cooler, deeper, sheerer cream version of Florita. These blush sticks are not overly creamy -- more comparable to the blush sticks by Shu Uemura or Shiseido than traditional potted creams by Illamasqua or Becca. On my skin, Rubens leaves a slight sheen and feels weightless and completely unsticky.

All of these swatches were one-swipe with a sponge applicator.

Swatch-queen Karla Sugar has now lined up all the RBR lipstick shades but when I was first discovering this line, I really did have to buy 'blind'. Just a general warning: RBR shades tend to look very different on the lips than in the tube. The majority of their shades are complex and look warm once applied (even a cool shade will often be grounded by brown tones or lifted by warm-toned shimmer or sheen) and are largely out of my shimmer-comfort-zone.

The two shades I kept are both warm roses with a cream finish: Irreverence and Whim of Mine. Other shades which worked for me were Word of Mouth (cool jelly-finish cherry red) and Raw Silence (retro pillar-box red cream).

Lip swatches, natural light:
Irreverence, a warm, soft rose
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge lip swatch Irreverence

Whim of Mine, a brighter warm coral-rose
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge lip swatch

The last product I'm drivelling about today is the liquid blush/lipgloss duo in Samba Enredo. The gloss side (Samba) comes with a doefoot applicator and the liquid blush side (Enredo) with a brush. Samba is a sheer warm rose in a blendable gel-cream texture which sets as a weightless satin stain, and the gloss is exactly as RBR describes it: a sheer lavender base with coppery-red and gold shimmer, in a balmy, thick (but not sticky) texture. It is also sold separately as a full-sized Gleaming Temptations Gloss, under the name Inflammable.

Samba (Inflammable), which adds a milky warmth to my mauvey-pink lips. The shimmer isn't remotely gritty once applied, and adds dimension; I'm just not a gloss/shimmer on lips girl, even for a lovely formula like this which plumps up my lips and fills in liplines.
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge lip swatch Samba Inflammable

Paper swatches, natural light

Arm swatches, natural light
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge swatch Samba Enredo Whim of Mine Irreverence

Arm swatches, flash
RBR Rouge Bunny Rouge swatch Samba Enredo Whim of Mine Irreverence

RBR lip products are scented/taste faintly of spiced honey (more clovey than sweet) and are creamy and moisturising even on my dry lips. The blushes (powder, cream or liquid) are unscented.


  1. lol! I'm not a fan of RBR packaging except for the frosted glass bottles... keep your eyes on Starina, dear, it's still decently housed!

  2. So glad you posted these! I'm oddly curious about Starina and Delicata, just not sure if it'll show up on me or if it'll look similar to Habanera, which I just bought along with Irreverence.

    I love that the sale is until feb 28! Gives me more time to plot my next order :D

  3. Now I regret not getting Florita. But surely two red blushes are enough for now...... *frets*

  4. I have already been plotting my next RBR blush purchase and these swatches are so helpful ♥

  5. This is a really helpful post. You are brave depotting those, I tried depotting my Chantecaille shadows once, never again..I ruined them all!
    I don't have Orpheline but I'll need to change that as it looks so pretty :)

  6. Charisse, Habanera is the lemming that will not die for me; I'm looking forward to your review :)

    Dain, TWO? You sneaky wench. Revenge and ? I would've thought that Rubens would appeal more to you, but do creams turn all kinds of even-odd-er on your magical skin?

    Birkin, I think we have similar tastes so you really can't go wrong with more RBR!

    Replica: oh noes D: Although for some reason I find silver-coloured things especially scary to depot too...

  7. I agree with you on the RBR blushes. I think I would like Gracilis next. This is indeed a most helpful post. Thank you.

  8. rubens and starina are missing in my collex but I think starina looks like my dior bronzer (which I use as blush, lol). I am tempted by irreverence, whim of mine looks like a colour I would like as well. are they really worth getting or just nice to have? or at least one? hmmm

  9. I totally commented on this the other day! :( Why isn't it showing up? I just said that a few of your swatches helped guide my last RBR purchase!

  10. I have an RBR order on its way to me at the moment with a couple of eyeshadows, a lipgloss, and a lipstick but after seeing your blush swatches I am going to have to place another order. Florita looks stunning! Thanks for the great swatches!

  11. First of all, you are a goddess of sorts for posting so many swatches against your fair skin. Shopping online as NC5-10 (at best) is frustrating, but you make my life SO much easier! I was wondering how you might compare RBR Delicata to NARS Douceur? Would you say they're very similar?

    Thanks so much, lovely lady!

    1. Hi Rosie! Douceur is much darker, browner and warmer than me (it's unwearably muddy on me in fact) -- you can see a v. rough swatch here: