Saturday, 28 January 2012

Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadow Quads: 06 Ginbudou

The permanent Suqqu quads 01-06 all share the same combination and layout of textures. On the top row, a moderately-pigmented complex shimmer and a very pigmented darker satin-shimmer. On the bottom, two mattes: one pigmented 'lining' shade, the darkest in each palette, and one sheerish base/primer shade, the lightest.
06 Ginbudou (銀葡萄, silver grape) is more definitely purple than the dusty taupe Keshizumi. Elizabeth finds it more opulent, and while I would agree, I also find it more delicate at the same time. The gold in particular is one of those uniquely Suqqu-ish shades that simultaneously manages to achieve exquisite translucency (not the same thing as sheerness -- you will see from the swatch that it is well pigmented) and complexity, due to the ultra-refined combination of shimmer particles. Rather than creating a heavily gilded baroque or a sunny halo, it wears more airily, like a fine-spun filigree.

natural light, sunny

natural light, cloudy + flash

The purple is again on the warm side, but unlike the brown beneath the plum in Keshizumi, here it is warmed by lighter red tones to achieve a burgundy-ish wine shade. The gold is neutral and flash brings out the lighter, cooler white-gold and green reflects set in its soft, rich base. The grey is a cool gunmetal which takes on a silvery khaki tinge in certain lights (I should swatch it against Chanel Illusoire D'Ombre Epatant someday). All of these shades are warmed slightly by layering them over the matte ivory base.

Layered swatches again. From left to right:
  1. all shades
  2. purple + gold
  3. purple + grey
  4. gold + grey
natural light

artificial light + flash

And two simple looks, both going with the grain of the delicate sumptuousness of these shades.
1. Ivory as base, gold in the inner half of the lid and lower lashline, purple on outer half. Grey to blend out crease and smudge out lower lashline.
Other products: Suqqu Balancing Cheeks 03 Hinageshi and Creamy Glow Lipstick 06 Umegasumi. Shiseido High Beam White to highlight and Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen wp mascara.
Usual base makeup: Shu SP, KA SSE, Ellis Faas concealer, KATE brow gel.

2. A mixture of the gold+grey all over the lid, with more gold patted on at the centre and more grey on at the outer corner. Purple smudged along both lashlines, slightly winged both up and down, with more of the gold in between the wings. A touch of black liquid liner just at the very outer edge (Koji Linequeen).
Other products: Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipstick EX-01 Sangoiro, Becca cream blush Rosebud, RBR Sea of Tranquility highlighter, Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks wp mascara.
Usual base products.


  1. I love Suqqu eyeshadows, although I must admit I miss the old quads.

    I am a big fan of greens and the old range had more greeny shades.

    However you wear these shades beautifully. I'm rather envious of your full lips!

    Also, which eyelash curler do you use? Your lashes look lush!


  2. Hey Nazia! I was drooling over your Suqqu green FOTD earlier :D I love that 'green' was their default neutral (even for brows and contour powders).

    I use the stupid, LE Chanel curler. It's the only one that fits both of my wonky eyes -- I used to use Shu on one eye and Shiseido on the other...

  3. The is a very subtle and pretty purple look. You are making me lem for more Suqqu eye palettes!

  4. Why, why does that gold look so pigmented on you?? I'm afraid I'll never be able to wear it alone but I did try layering it using your combinations and it's beautiful!
    I've never used e/s that layered so well!

  5. Thank you for this post! I bought the palette a month ago and I am ashamed to say I have not used it yet:-P Now I have some idea on how to wear this palette:-)

  6. Breathtaking!! I've been enjoy reading your suqqu posts a lot lately :-) Ginbudou is the only suqqu palette I don't have atm from the permanent line-up as I'm not very fond of silvery shades, but I will definitely need to get my hands on it after seeing how you wear them :-)

  7. This looks so fantastic on you! Gotta love Suqqu!

  8. Ahhh, I resisted that curler because I couldn't bear the thought of no refils!

    It works beautifully on you.

    I'm really pleased because I managed to get a different Suqqu green in a blog sale.

    Finally, I just called the Suqqu counter in Selfridges, London and they told me the Spring collection will be in on the 9th of March.


  9. Meep! You have amazing features, just wow.