Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick paper swatches

Due to the popularity of the YSL Glossy Stain paper swatches, I now offer up the Suqqu Creamy Glow lipsticks. (BTW, thanks so much to everyone who reads, links, comments, or emails me about the blog -- I'm a little frazzled/fragile at the moment and honestly they cheer me up like nothing else.)

These come in 18 shades, released in Autumn 2010 in Japan and March 2011 in the UK. They replace the previous Blend Lipsticks and Creamy Lipsticks, and combine the strengths of both those formulas.

Unlike the YSL stains, these do look very different on paper than on lips -- in a separate post I'll be swatching the shades I own on arm and lips and writing more about the formula. In brief: these are my favourite lipstick formula ever, and one of the few I can wear on my very dry, picky lips without lipbalm even in winter.

natural light
Suqqu Creamy Glow Lipstick complete swatch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Pink: 1-3 are all clear pinks: 1 Saebana is a neutral/cool cherry-blossom shade, 2 Kyoganoko is a brighter, deeper candy pink, 3 Tsuyazakura adds some peachy warmth.
4 and 5 are more muted pinks: 4 Yamamomo softened by beige and mauve, 5 Suzumecha warmed and rounded by peach and rose tones.
7 and 8 are both lightly browned (toasted?) roses: 7 Asasuou is warmer, more muted and has more red, 8 Keshiaka is brighter and heavier on the pink.

Peach/Coral: 6 Umegasumi is a soft, neutral coral, 9 Hanarenga is a brighter and warmer peach. 10 Urumishu is a warm, bright "persimmon coral" (as FrontRowBeauty excellently put it) and 11 Sharegaki is its more muted sister with additional brown warmth.

Brown/Nude: 12 Hiwada is a neutral beige with balanced peach and rose tones.
13 Tsukushiiro is a warm yellow-peach beige and 14 Amairo an even warmer orange-peach beige -- both have strong brown undertones.
As do 15 Kogarecha, a cool browned rose, and 16 Akanecha, a richer, deeper browned rose with more red in its base.

Red: 17 Ichijiku is a vampy warm brick red. 18 Karakurenai is an uncompromisingly loud'n'clear neutral red.

You can see all eighteen shades on the beautiful cinnamongal here, though as with all lipsticks, they will look different depending on the skintone and the shade of your bare lips.

Suqqu is currently only available in Japan, the UK and Bangkok, Thailand. In the UK the Creamy Glow Lipsticks retail for £27 each. International readers can order from Selfridges (by phoning the counter on +44 207 318 3809) or from Dollyleo online.


  1. Why must you tease me with these MUS??

    I want 2 and 12 but I wonder how close 12 is to RBR Irreverence? Can't wait for more swatches and your thoughts!

  2. Impressive stash! I think I'll def want to try at least one next time dollyleo updates their inventory. They have so many MLBB and pretty natural shades, I'm not sure what to pick!

  3. Thank you for the swatches on paper! This is so helpful. I have a couple of these, and only one purchased sight-seen. I agree, these are gorgeous lippies with incredible formulation. I am loving these lipsticks even more this dry cold winter!

  4. Thanks for the swatches! :-) I got 1, 9 and 12 from Dolly Leo. Getting them from UK should be the cheapest as compared to Japan and Thailand. Dolly Leo also offers VAT deduction for non UK and European customers. I deliberated on whether I should get no. 10 and when I finally decide to get it, it was sold out on Dolly Leo, in like two days?!!!!

  5. Charisse: that's such an interesting question! I must compare those two :)

    kaide: I just wish (and I know you would agree) they made a few more oddball colours as well as all the elegant wearables :)

    Anon: yay! So glad to hear from another Suqqu fan :)

    Shelnmum: extremely helpful info, thanks! I believe Dolly has just been restocked so the race is on.

  6. Thanks for putting these up! I want to get one, or two, of these because I've read such amazing things about them. I have red pigmented lips so I'd love to try to find a medium peach and a light-ish pink in this formula. Decisions, decisions. :) I can't wait to see arm/lip swatches! I recently came across your blog and just love it. It's quickly becoming one of my faves!!


  7. Looking forward to your follow-up! 4- 11 look identical to my eyes :(

  8. Good to see the swatches in the natural...very essential to identify the right shade that suits the skin tone to look good.