Monday, 23 January 2012

This Is What A Phase Looks Like: Orange

Okay, I lied. It's been a whole week, but I'm still loving this shade. If catwalk trends could blog, they'd snark that influencing me is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Being on the pale, neutral side, the shades I've found most flattering for lips are bright, clear juicy oranges; I still avoid pastel orangina or toasted brownish/terracotta shades. For eyes, my usual rule of Complexity Trumps All applies -- throw in some interesting light-refracting-as-well-as-reflecting glitter and even rusty shades become somewhat wearable. Although my personal preferences tend to the coral and clear again.  Blush, I admit, still defeats me. Any suggestions of shades to try, and subsequent shades to pair it with, would be much appreciated, o wise and beautiful commentsphere!

Currently in rotation:
(All pictures taken with natural light, no flash. Click to enlarge.)

Visee x Smacky Glam BR-7 Bitter Brown quad (top left)
Suqqu 06 Komorebi quad (top left)
Suqqu EX-04 Toukaede (top right)
Sleek Pan Tao blush
Sugarpill Burning Heart palette (top left, Flamepoint)
Fyrinnae Electro-Koi, swatched on bare skin and then over Pixie Epoxy primer

Etude House VIP Girl OR 204
Hourglass Femme Rouge Muse
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Temper and Mistress
Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L307 and L306

And another look mixing a few of these elements. More for spring-time compared with the last summery look.
Face: Paul&Joe Light Cream Foundation S 00, RBR Sea of Clouds highlighter, Ellis Faas concealer S201
Eyes: Suqqu EX04 Toukaede quad with an ancient Shu Uemura blue P 610 (first generation) single, Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks waterproof mascara, KATE brow gel BR-3.
Cheeks: Sleek Pan Tao (which applies as a soft peach, not that my camera can tell...)
Lips: Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L306
eye close-up

then the sun came out!


  1. I love corals and oranges too, I love your choice of lippies. How are the Sleek blushes, I see them everywhere and am curious about them.

  2. You look lovely.

    One of my favourite orange blushers is the Nars Multiple Tint in Turks and Caicos. They were LE (ugh) last summer but I'm pretty sure you could find some on eBay or something.

    YSL also have a beautiful orange creme blush, as well as the new Voile de Blush Gel Blush which I think would look fantastic on your pale skintone.


  3. I love you in Orange!! I also have Ellis Faas L307 and L307!

  4. You my friend are rocking orange! I like phases :) I should do an orange phase post as well, as you know I'm so much into it :))

  5. Wow, those are some amazing orange colours!! I love the Ellis Faas!!

    This article makes me want to try NYX Orange blush again and pull out some peachy eyeshadows I own :)

  6. Oh goodness! You are going to make me want orange items. The color looks so great on you! *jelly*

  7. Thank you everyone! I hope to see more orange looks from you all popping up in my blog links bar :)

    Jacqueline: I really love the Sleek blushes. They are superior to a lot of high-end brands (MAC and NARS for example), incredibly pigmented. They are on the dry side, but as you need so little, they don't look powdery once applied. The shimmery ones are very smooth and buttery indeed.