Saturday, 14 January 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain paper swatches

Remember how I love these? (Still do, and I can now report that a few day's wear doesn't worsen the condition of my picky lips.) They are now available to buy from for those in the US, and have also been released in several European countries (Ireland, Germany and Denmark for sure). In the UK they will remain exclusive to Selfridges until Feburary.

To help you early adopters and online shoppers (my brethren and sistren!), here are the paper swatches I was kindly allowed to make at my counter... which didn't receive a tester of #19. But huzzah the blogosphere, you can see that one on beautIE, which also reports that shades #2 and #20 are limited edition.

paper swatches, natural light

Purple: #1 Violet Edition is a cool, vampy plum. #4 Mauve Pigmente is a wamer, more muted berry. #16 Poupre Preview a bright, cool pinky orchid-purple.

Brown: #2 Brun Glace is a dark warm brick red, #3 Brun Cachemire a cooler browned rose.

Pink/Rose: #5 Rouge Vintage is a deep romantic rose, #17 Encre Rose a blue-based bubblegum rose and #18 Rose Pastelle a soft rosy nude.
#11 Rouge Philtre is a bright reddish fuchsia and #14 Fuchsia Dore is cooler, more muted and more purple.
#12 Corail Fauve is an fluoro-bright coral pink, #13 Rose Tempera a bright coolish rosy pink, #15 Rose Vinyl a warmer and clearer watermelon pink.

Orange/Coral: #6 Camel Croisiere is the warmest, a brownish rust. #7 Corail Aquatique a muted, slightly dusty orange. #8 Orange de Chine is a no-holds-barred, juicy clear orange.

Red: #9 Rouge Lacque is bright, clear, and warm. #10 Rouge Philtre is bright, clear and cool. #20 Rouge Enamel is neutral and more muted than the other two.

A closer look at the reds (what? you all know my ways by now...)
natural light with flash -- a much better representation of the texture. They're all this lacquered.

For my Violet Edition lipswatch and FOTD, click here.


  1. Y U SO USEFUL? Great swatches, very helpful. :)

  2. Thanks for these swatches! I'm surprised you did it over the counter haha. Good work!!

  3. Cannot thank you enough for the swatches! Based on them, I went ahead and ordered my first one last night!

  4. I love YSL Lip Colors, but I cannot handle the scent! Beautiful though!

  5. I was waiting for these swatches to turn up, I must own the orange one! Oh no! I feel a hoarding frenzy coming. These are just so lovely.

  6. Saw this post on MUA the other day, and it was tremendously helpful. Ordered 4. Gulp.

  7. Really helpful. 14 or 16, here I come!

  8. Thanks for this post! Can't wait for this to be launched! :)

  9. This early YSL post led me to your blog. Thanks for your work.