Wednesday, 22 February 2012

RMK Spring 2012 Sprinkling Colours Swatches

On my last Selfridges jaunt, I noticed the new RMK Sprinkling Colours collection twinkling temptingly at the counter (also available on beautybay and lookfantastic).

Sprinkling Eyes palettes (£36 each) are each composed of one cream base (satin-matte with sparse silver microshimmer) and three shimmery powders (reminiscent of my beloved THREE quad, no?) I followed the layout in my swatches with the cream shade along the top and powders beneath: all swatches made with sponge applicators and pictures taken in natural sunlight.

01 Brown -- the standout product in this collection for me. Far smoother and more pigmented than the other items (or RMK's norm). Two swipes each.

angled to show different degrees of sparkle from very sparse in the cream to dense in the gold

02 Green -- the cream base was by far the most pigmented shade. The three powders each required four layers to achieve the effect below, and you can see that the blue and gold both remain very sheer even so.

03 Grey -- more of a mixed bag. The blackened navy cream and copper shimmer were both well pigmented (2 swipes each), while the lavender and silver remained sheer even after 4 swipes.

When patted over the cream shades, the sheerer glitters in the green and grey quads do work to add a layer of complexity and shine. Personally I prefer palettes to be more versatile, so that layering is an option, not an obligation, and THREE remains my er... cream'n'glitters brand of choice... Competition. It is stiff.

Also in this release, new permanent products that will form expansions of existing lines:
Ingenious Natural Eyes N 07 Purple (£36), a pressed eyeshadow quad composed of RMK's typical dry, sheer and sparkly formula. 5 swipes each.

And two shades of Ingenious Powder Eyes pressed shadow singles (£20 each), SH-09 Gold and SH-10 Greenish Grey, again with the sheer 'n' sparkly, but in a more loosely-packed form, featuring larger multicoloured glitter particles than in the quads.
 fuzzy pic to show multicoloured glitter

I didn't manage to swatch three variations of Sprinkling Cheeks (blush duos, £26 each) because they were being used for makeovers at the time -- they seemed to be very shimmery, almost cream-to-power formulas.

A Touch of Blusher has reviewed Sprinkling Eyes 01 Brown, Ingenious Natural Eyes 07 Purple and Sprinkling Cheeks 03 Brown.

See Rouge Deluxe for reviews, swatches and FOTD with Sprinkling Eyes 02 Green, Sprinkling Cheeks 02 Orange and Irresistible Lips C 27 Orange.

For swatches of all four Irresistible Lips C shades (£19 each, EX04 and EX05 limited edition, 26 and 27 to become permanent), please see AtelierBeauty. No pictures from me, as these lip colours transfer/smear if you so much as look at them sideways, and they had mysteriously blurred into one giant smudge in the 10 seconds it took me to hoist my camera.


  1. I swatched these in Tokyo, and just couldn't get excited about this collection. I agree that the browns are by far the best. Maybe because this collection is very pastelly for me...

  2. Very underwhelming collection. Thanks for the swatches.

    I've got one question - I am still interested in last year's dusty bright eyes cream/pigment eye shadows. Why did you get rid of yours?

  3. I'm so glad you posted about this as I had wondered about this collection. I can see now that the shadows aren't really the right colours for me and your views on the lipsticks and blushers are really helpful x