Monday, 13 February 2012

Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow Quad 03 Matsukasa

According to the lovely ladies at the Suqqu counter, 03 Matsukasa (松球, pine cone) is by far their best-selling quad. It makes me a little sad that people choose this tonal brown palette over the more unconventional colour combinations, but hey, can't really argue with workhorse neutrals in Suqqu's unmatched formula. Or the Lisa Eldridge effect.
The shades in this quad are obviously no-brainer stand-bys for many, but it took the brilliance of the Suqqu International Makeup Artist Kazumi Obayashi to sell such warm browns to me. Even now, I wear it rarely, and mostly on cool and overcast days, when its muted elegance seems right.
Swatches in natural light (sunny), one swipe each
From dark to light: 
rich matte chocolate (slightly more yellow- than red-based), pigmented
warm coppery bronze satin, v. pigmented
neutral sandy-silvery taupe satin (only marginally more shimmery than the bronze on the skin), pigmented
neutral matte ivory base/primer, pigmented

Layered swatches, natural light (sunny)
Left to right:
  1. all shades
  2. dark brown + bronze
  3. dark brown + taupe
  4. bronze + taupe
This is the least shimmery of all the permanent Suqqu quads in my collection, by design -- it looks and wears like the plushest velvet and reflects the light (because all Suqqu eyeshadows work this flattering magic on skin texture) in a soft, rich glow, rather than the sparkling iridescence of Mizuaoi, or the airy smoke of Keshizumi.

I usually wear Matsukasa in a smokey vertical gradation, with the darkest shade at the lashline, blending up and out to the lightest.
closeup with flash
I usually need to offset such uncompromising warmth on the eyes with cooler cheeks and lips -- for which my new toy Nars Gaiety and slightly older toy Guerlain Rouge G Girly come in handy.
Other products: KATE gel eyeliner BK-1, Shu H9 brow pencil Stone Grey, Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks wp mascara, RBR Sea of Clouds, usual base (Shu SP/KA SSE/EF).

And an experimental, soft tonal look, with the ivory packed over the lid, taupe mixed with a little of the bronze in the socket, and the matte chocolate to line. To create a more rounded eyeshape (I usually prefer to elongate), I for once didn't join the upper and lower lash liner at the outer corner, but separated them with a sharp white (Shu Uemura gel eyeliner M White).
Other products: Shu H9 Stone Grey, Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks wp mascara, RBR blush Delicata, Addiction lipstick Last Scene, Ellis Faas concealer under eyes. Otherwise bare face (too cold and eczema-y for foundation).


  1. Thank you for this post! I think I'm now leaning away from acquiring another brown quad (however lovely it may be). I will say I think it works well on you, giving a lovely soft definition. And I love it with the cool pinks- Girly and Gaiety are gorgeous on you :)

  2. I'm in love with these looks AND the quad! The colors are understated but still unimaginably lovely! I'm glad I found this blog as it will absolutely become one of my favorites! :)

  3. You always look so lovely. Your skin is really beautiful too. Meant in a completely non-SilenceOfTheLambs way, of course!


  4. hi kate,
    interesting how u use this quad for the soft tonal look, paired with the rbr blush which i also have!
    i've a cp request if u r available and willing, would u be going to suqqu counter soon? may i ask u to help me get the brushes? have been stalking for months but they r always out stock..
    btw did u get any kanebo sensai lipsticks? i got a few based on your swatches, waiting for them to arrive
    Eunice (singapore)

  5. Ah yes! One of my favourites! Gorgeous look all together! I just made a pilgrimage to the Suqqu counter at Takashimaya in Yokohama - more expensive than London, but I won't be home when the Spring 2012 collection is released at Selfridges - and it will be all gone by the time I get home in March!

  6. Oh my - I just found your blog, and had to order two (!) of the Suqqu Spring 2012 eye palettes. They arrived yesterday, and I am in love - had to order two of the 'regular' line too! Would really like to get a couple more, including the remaining Spring 2012 one. These are gorgeous, and the quality is just amazing :)

  7. I'm back, ah, sofa king gorgeous!!!! Ahhh!!