Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 Comparison swatches

You know the drill by now -- context and comparisons and armfuls of stuff I thought would be similar but turned out to be barely related once swatched or even more embarrassingly, uncannily exact dupes.

See my original swatches of the complete set of Blush By 3 palettes here. I've since read that these will be made permanent and available to buy from the Sleek website later this year :)

All pictures taken in natural light with flash. Shades are all from Sleek unless otherwise specified.

363 Pumpkin 
Lantern is a brighter, more shimmery version of Furnace from the Flame trio. Becca Strawberry Beach Tint has more red and less orange/gold than these two.

Squash is a cool candy pink, slightly warmer than Addiction Amazing powder blush in its base, but cooled down by a silver sheen. They only look so warm set against extremely blue pinks like Nars Gaiety and Pink Ice from Pink Sprint....

The closest thing I own to violently orange P Pie is actually Sugarpill Flamepoint eyeshadow, which is darker and rustier and less 'o hai, I'm pumpkin!' Chantilly from the Lace trio looks like a wishy washy peach next to it. (According to Rouge Deluxe P Pie is a dupe for the limited edition Aruba single from last summer.)

 364 Sugar
Demerara is a slightly more saturated version of the permanent single, Flushed. Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita offers a cooler, pinker take on the dusty-berry-red theme.

Muscovado is the exact shade of the permanent single Sunrise, but in a smoother and more evenly pigmented formula.

Turbinado is deeper, more muted and browned than the true peach of Illamasqua Lover. It also lacks the bright coral lift of the limited edition single Pan Tao.

365 Flame
One armful as I found no real dupes except for the resemblance between Furnace and Lantern from Pumpkin trio (which you saw a few scrollings ago...) Becca Geranium Lip&Cheek Creme is the only muted warm red I own, but next to it Molten is so browned it looks almost orange. Becca Strawberry Beach Tint is a bright warm red to contrast with the more neutral Bon Fire -- a perfect replacement for the discontinued Scandalous single, btw.

366 Pink Sprint
Another not-quite-right armful. Becca Raspbery Beach Tint comes closest to Pink Parfait shade-wise but lacks the 'softness' it shades with shades like Florita or Rubens, both from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I adore Pinktini's rich rose-berry shade and own nothing similar -- it makes the jewelled Pomegranate (my favourite Sleek single blush, and one of my favourite blushes overall) look worn and dusty in comparison.

Pink Ice is a more saturated, matte and borderline-fuchsia version of my favourite kind of cool hot pink, of which Kevyn Aucoin Liquifuchsia and Addiction Amazing cheek stick are gel and cream examples. See, texture differences! Ahem, no dupes here. Move along now.

367 Lace
This palette was the hardest to track down for me and many makeupalleyers. Having finally acquired it through a lovely lady.... I realised I owned two very close dupes in Sleek single shades. GAH. Chantilly is a slightly more saturated, warmer version of Pan Tao (limited edition) while Guipure is an exact replica of Rose Gold, but swatched slightly smoother (maybe just because it's newer).

But! The palette is worth it for the awesome third shade, Crochet, a complex red-with-dangly-bits, more coral than Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline, less red than RMSBeauty Moment. Next to the true red Bon Fire from the Flame trio, you can see its coral and pink tones more clearly.


  1. I am SO jealous you guys get Sleek. These look amazing.

  2. Damn, you beat me to it. I've got Aruba, though, so maybe I'll have something to add!

  3. Gorgeous shades <3 Thanks for the lovely swatches!!!!

  4. Aw, Kayleigh, you'll be able to order them soon :) Grass is always greener -- I'm envious of your cool and slightly surreal Colour Tattoo shade names.

    Becca: you are the Sleek queen! I'm just whetting appetites :P

    Rakhshanda, thank you :) I hope they're helpful

  5. This was useful as I was getting confused about how some shades look so similar. :)

    This might be a silly question but is each rectangle of blusher removable? I know you can get replacements on eBay which fit in the regular sleek blushes so I presume they are removable?

    I want Bon Fire but the other two in the trio seem so similar if just seems silly to buy the trio but I was thinking my friend could buy one of the other trio without any red, say the pink one and we could trade a rectangle. (Sorry not sure what I should call each rectangle of blusher).

    Unless that would be likely to break them or they're not removable.

    Thank you for any information!

    1. Hi there, the pans are depottable, but only with fire, and I don't recommend it, as the powders tend to crumble. As it involves melting through the case, the palette would also not be reusable, though you could depot all three and then purchase e.g. a small Z-palette each and place whichever three you wanted inside.

      I've not seen these 'replacements' on ebay and would suspect they're fakes, as Sleek definitely do not make/sell these on their own site or any authorised retailers.

    2. Oh ok thanks

      I thought they were testers for shops but you're probably right, they might be fake

      I'm so torn now. Why did Sleek stop Scandalous? >.< I don't want the other two shades. :(