Thursday, 8 March 2012

Suqqu Spring Blend Eyeshadow Palette comparisons

As promised, comparison/context swatches for the three spring eyeshadow quints (permanent, £45 each), after which I will shut up about Suqqu for a while, honest. There are belated Sleek Blush By 3 swatches on my conscience, and I also fell off the twelve-buy wagon at a Shu Uemura masterclass earlier today...

All pictures in natural light unless otherwise specified and clickable to enlarge as usual. Original swatches of all three palettes here. I skipped the bottom right base shade for these comparisons.

1. Suqqu 09 Usumoegi with:
  • Suqqu EX-05 Tandou (LE from Autumn 2009)
  • top left pale green from Suqqu 02 Kokedama (DC)
  • top left light taupe from Suqqu 03 Matsukasa (DC)
  • KATE Deep Trap Eyes GN-1 (DC)
  • bottom golden taupe from Guerlain 2 Place Vendôme
  • top right golden taupe from Sonia Rykiel Quatre Eyeshadow 10
  • deep green from Hourglass Visionaire Duo Dune
Being a bit of a green and yellow-taupe eyeshadow fiend, I expected this to be the easiest palette to 'dupe'. Actually, Suqqu played a typical trick by resting the three main shades on an unusual dusty sepia base, giving them that balanced cool-and-warm feel that this brand does so well.

with flash

Usumoegi with its closest shades swatched above it: the icy lime from Tandou is very similar to but sheerer; the taupe from Matsukasa is cooler and less golden-iridescent; the second-deepest KATE shade is sheerer and has more of a grey base, while the Hourglass green is more of a standard forest green and lacks Suqqu's refined texture (looks positively gritty here although it isn't in the grand scheme of things).

2. Suqqu 10 Kozuecha with:
  • Guerlain 407 Bal de Minuit (LE Holiday 2009)
  • bottom golden taupe from Guerlain 2 Place Vendôme
  • Visee x Smacky Glam Glam Glow BR-7 (LE Holiday 2011)
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Angelic Cockatiels
  • top left light peach from Suqqu 01 Kakitsubata

Another study in balance: Kozuecha looks like cool minky taupes next to Visee's brighter peach-bronze and RBR Cockatiels' honeyed copper (neither of which are too warm for me to wear). Set against the greyer Guerlains, it looks distinctly yellowy-brown. I think this would make a flattering neutral palette for a wide variety of skintones, beautifully sunny.
with flash

Closest shades: the pale peach from Kakitsubata is more pigmented and a delicate shimmer rather than the sheer iridescent of Kozuecha. The Guerlain Place Vendôme taupe shares the cool yellow-that's-almost-olive base of Kozuecha's taupe, but takes it even further into khaki grey territory; when angled right, the two shades throw off almost identical reflects. The Visee brown sits somewhere in between the two Suqqu browns but is sheerer than either, with more shimmer.

3. Suqqu 11 Himesango with:
  • top left pink from Suqqu 08 Mizuaoi
  • top right taupe from Suqqu EX05 Usumomokurumi (LE Holiday 2011)
  • Shiseido Luminising Satin Trio RD711 Pink Sands (LE Summer 2011)
  • light taupe from Hourglass Visionaire Duo Exhibition
  • Guerlain 407 Bal de Minuit (LE Holiday 2009)

Are you sick of seeing this Guerlain quad-you-can't-have yet? :P I think it's a handy way of illustrating why Suqqu palettes are my neutrals-with-a-kick of choice -- the Guerlains look almost drab next to the complex Suqqus, and all four shades share an identical smooth metallic finish, unlike Suqqu's thoughtful mixture of textures and light-reflecting effects. In colour terms Himesango is another one of those carefully balanced neutrals: more pink/plum than the warmer beachier shades to its left, and more peach/gold than the purple taupe of Hourglass Exhibition.

with flash

The Shiseido peachy-pink is similar to but slightly warmer than the Himesango pink. It's also more muted and gives less of an illusion of 'depth' than the Suqqu which has a greater variety of shimmer particles. If you missed out on last Christmas' limited edition quads, Himesango has a slightly cooler, more plum/silver version of the taupe in the pink Usumomokurumi palette.


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  2. which is your favourite? :) they look immensely tempting.