Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Chanel Rivière Look #3

Now this is the kind of cool lip I'm much more at home in -- Burberry Lip Cover in Bright Plum is the perfect example of the saturated deep-bright fairytale roses I swoon over in Once Upon A Time. Lip Covers rank among my favourite lipstick formulas of all time, rose-scented, creamy, just the right amount of slip, moisturising and pigmented (you all know my keywords by now); deeper shades like this one leave a pretty stain after a meal.

For those still counting who've ended up way past their twelfth finger -- bah! I have some more wagon-falling planned this weekend -- this replaces Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo in my wardrobe. Well, 'cos! lookit!
lipstick swatch Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte RD178M Burberry Lip Cover Bright Plum Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte RD178M (DC)
Burberry Lip Cover Bright Plum
Guerlain Rouge G Gigolo

The tone issoperfect! It makes Gigolo look like a flat pink-red! And good god, the packaging. Whatever your issues with Burberry check (I won't string you up on a lamppost if you can't help finding it tacky) it at least has a nifty magnetic closure, and I think it is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing sucks harder than Rouge G's space dumbbell tampon applicator. Of doom.

or constipated-smirky... ah my range, it is so broad

Eyes: Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Gloss Angel's Play as a base, Estee Lauder DoubleWear Cream Eyeshadow Vintage Violet framing Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Rivière
Mascara: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama WP
Brows: Shu Uemura H9 Stone Grey
Lips: Burberry Lip Cover Bright Plum 
Cheeks: Ladurée Pressed Cheek Colour 11 (review) -- which doesn't really go with this eye in hindsight
Base: Helena Rubinstein Colourclone Liquid 00 (Japanese version), Burberry click pen concealer 01

 now... does decapitation make me look fat?
silk slip maxi: Pure&Good // waistcoat: All Saints // necklace: HK market find :D // shoes: Clarks, nicked from mum
I'm running about a week behind on my posting, so hey, last week my mum visited me in Hong Kong and in return for feeding and watering her, I commandeered about half the clothes she'd packed. She wondered sweetly if I was perhaps a wee bit old to be raiding her wardrobe still, and I wondered just as sweetly if she wasn't perhaps a wee bit old to be buying the same kind of stuff as me. :D Just a little vision of the future there for all you mothers-with-young-daughters out there. Happy belated mother's day!

necklace closeup


  1. call me crazy but I do like the look of the cool toned (rasp)berry blush with this eye mu (it brings out the slightly almost non-existant warmness in your eyeshadows) AND it looks great with that lip. I now confirm: my lemming is no longer a lemming but a must-have-now lipstick. I love gigolo but the packaging and dryness it leaves on my lips - meh. you don't look fat missy! *spanks*. love clarks <3 loving your OutfitOTD posts so much <3

  2. I found you via MUA, and I'm absolutely loving your blog! Definitely a new favorite :)

  3. Your writing ever fails to amuse me. Gorgeous look and now I need some Buberry Lip Cover in my life!

  4. you are adorable! and gorgeous! what fats?? but seriously, I love that eye look *lems riviere for that alone*

  5. That's a hilarious description of the Rouge G packaging! Bright Plum looks very pretty on you. m

  6. I'm going to find it very difficult to look at a Rouge G without smirking now.

    I will have to brave the Burberry and put Daniella Westbrook in head to toe camel check out of my head.

    I've just had a chilling insight into the years to come with Miss London. On the bright side, hurrah for your mum and her fabulous wardrobe!

  7. LOL at the "space dumbbell tampon applicator" I won't look at a Rouge G the same ever again....
    I really like this whole look on you, very sophisticated :)

  8. Your mom must have kept her physique really well! I can't fit in most of the clothes my mom has (not that I want too, too many bold prints and floral) with the exception of some dresses and coats from the 90s (luckily, sans shoulder pads) so now I just raid her bag closet if I have the chance.

  9. You named my favourite lipstick of all time, Burberry. I love them! I have not swatched Bright Plum before, it looks so good on you that I just might go down and have a look at it in person. I am a big fan of bright lips. I love your whole look from your makeup to your outfit.

  10. This entire look from head to toe is gorgeous - you have the complexion to pull off cool toned bright shades effortlessly :-)
    Lol I'm the same as you, my mum and I raid each other's closet all the time!
    btw you look VERY slim in your outfit pic :-)