Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dainty Doll Part Deux: Blush swatches and review

By far the more successful half of my toe-dipping into this 'Specially For Pale Skin brand, I present Dainty Doll blushes 001 Hippy Hippy Shake and 003 Money Talks. Both are pigmented, finely milled and a very reasonable £13.50 for 4.6g (not 46g, Boots site) -- on my very dry skin they can feel somewhat dry but this is true for most powder products on the market so feel free to extrapolate based on your own skin/preferences.

003 Money Talks is an unusual bronzed rose with what looks like shimmer in the pan and on the arm, but translates as an intense, smooth sheen on the cheeks (even to my shimmerphobic eye). It's nicely pigmented and gives a very flattering après ski glow to pale, cool skin. (On warmer pale skins, I think it's the kind of colour that may pull muddy/terracotta.) For me, it has enough pink in it to be usable as blush or warm bronzer without looking dirty but would be an orange, shiny disaster as contour.
natural light -- this is a dry, finely milled formula that shows brush tracks
angled in full sun to catch the shimmer
Swatched with the closest shades in my stash (not very):
Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis, a dusty rosy mauve, which looks cooler and brighter here in contrast
and Delicata, my personal nude beige-peachy-rose-nude holy grail (it's so a thing), which looks much peachier because it lacks the mauviness of Money Talks.
(See my other swatches of the two RBR shades so you can see what mad a mad alchemical creature Money Talks is)
full sun
cheeks: Money Talks // eyes: Catrice Pink Rock, The Noble Knights and Hip Hop on the Treetop, Lancôme Hypnôse Drama // lips: Burberry Bright Plum // base: Dainty Doll 001+002 mix

If Money Talks was the surprise hit within a surprise hit, 001 Hippy Hippy Shake, a paaaaale cool lilac satin, was so obviously up my street I almost perversely didn't swap for it. I'm glad I triple-reverse-psychologised myself though (yeah, take that, brain!), because it's that unicorn, an effortless pastel for the pale (cf. previous more effortful efforts).
Swatched against:
Illamasqua Katie (look how warm and dark it seems!)
Nars Gaiety (look how bright and pink!)
Hippy Hippy Shake <3 noticebly cooler and paler than the rest. True-to-pan FTW!
Shu Uemura M Pink 32E (2nd generation)
and M Soft Mauve 225 (Colour Atelier), the new version of M32E and pretty close as you see
natural light

full sun
blush: Hippy Hippy Shake // eyes: Chanel Ebouli, RBR Mountain Bluebird, Shu Uemura white+yellow from Spring Rebirth tri-colour pencil Energy Flow, Lancôme Hynôse Drama // lips: Addiction Miss You More

This looks drier on my skin than Money Talks, and some of that is attributable to the shade (chalkier) and finish (more satiny, less sheeny). Another explanation could be that it's.just.drier.
Ah, 90% ethanol, is there anything you can't do?



  1. A new and interesting brand (to me at least!). Not your usual blush colors too! :)
    hmmm.. wonder why it was made in the UK but packed in China.

    I see you have 1000fragrances on your blogroll. I love that site too! :D

  2. Becca: they aint Sleek, but it's nice to have some odd colours :)

    milktea: 1) your name! yum. 2) Yes, it's usually the other way around and they don't advertise it! 3) One of the best fume blogs around :D

  3. D: @$&(!;/$32;!!!? I'm having naughty thoughts about that pastel blush.

    -Charm, who was pale while Nicola was still orange, not that I'm going to be awful and hold it against her

  4. Yay, colors as highlights!

  5. I've been meaning to get these blushes and after seeing them on you, I definitely have to get my hands on them. You are just breath taking!