Sunday, 6 May 2012

Magazines #2: Marie Claire Beauty Bible SS 2012

Anyone who's flipped through my pinboards will guess that I have a wee fashion magazine addiction, which has not been allocated its requisite % of drivel. And if you hadn't seen it, here's Part #1: Vivi Magazine, of what will imminently become a series.
 ...starting right now. Marie Claire Beauty Bible is a biannual cosmetics supplement which is sold independently of the main magazine in Hong Kong for the very accessible price of HK$20 (less than £2). It offers a tightly-edited rundown of the latest trends and new products each season with a cleaner layout and less padding/digressive random than Japanese beauty mags, which is why I try to pick up a copy whenever I can but also why I wouldn't keep one past its season.

Beauty trends 
I enjoy the more fashion/runway tilt of these collages as distinct from Japanese magazines which focus more on the domestic OL market or target very specific subcultures  and rely on a small stable of house models with a fairly narrow range of eye/face shapes.
What a delicious variety of looks -- blue eyeshadow FTW
Graphic shapes to play with
The magazine's own spinoffs on the trend, on three different eyeshapes

I prefer their take on the "English Rose" thing to the minimalist runway pics (umpteenth clean skin, bambi lashes + slick of lip balm season, yawn)
I'm not sure if this is an intentional Beatles ref or the Engrish adjectival striking again. *ponders*

Hair trends
does what it says on the tin


....seriously. Call me a saucy pedantic wretch but I think this answers my earlier Beatles question.
New Releases: false lashes oh wait, mascaras *eyeroll* We'll just look at the wands, then. The ones on the left give a more natural and the right a more dramatic look.

Tutorial: eyeliner
A back-to-basics primer about brushes, the differences between pencil, liquid and gel, and a few notes on tweaking your line to suit your eyeshape.

I'm currently trying to work out ways to wear white eyeshadow and liner; this is both sharp and soft
Judge away, but I think this is kind of awesome and subverts the prim dress

Skincare articles: 10 pages on on various kinds of acids, some products featuring them and the best bases, concentrations and combinations. 
incidentally a flattering soft take on This Summer's Orange

most interesting to me: unfamiliar acids used in Asian whitening/brightening products

And a paean to that Asian beauty staple, lotion -- featuring products split into four types (ultra-hydrating, whitening, oil-production-balancing and anti-ageing) and thirteen ways to use the stuff, from the obvious (use it for facial massage! use it as a daily five-minute mask! mix it with your foundation to lighten the coverage and texture!) to the intriguing (use a cotton pad doused in SPF-containing lotion to blot the face and refresh cakey makeup? likewise, treat it as a makeup primer? and on a cotton bud, to clean up makeup mistakes and prep the skin for corrections).
some lotion-massage techniques
Due to copyright, I posted less than 10% of the magazine, but it should give you an idea of the house style. This issue also included extended features on foundations, nails, fashion, perfume, overnight skincare, 24 hour moisture, and the expected summer-issue pieces on pedicures, hair removal and dieting (boo!)


  1. Hurrah! Thanks for posting about this Kate. I wouldn't have known to look otherwise... I will no doubt be picking this up on my way into work tomorrow.


  2. lovely! must pick this up when I'm in HK. you read Chinese?

  3. Why on earth don't we get English-language magazines like this? The high point of American beauty journalism is the bullshit In Style gives us in their "Best of Beauty" issue.

  4. I love asian magazines! I find them way better and more helpful than western for some reason. The pictures are always very nice and I can take some nice tips. I picked up vivi and biteki (of course) yesterday and I just can't say enough how wonderful they are. I never was a fashion girl per se but those magazines got me totally in! <3

  5. Sigh. So much inspiration and useful info here! Thank you for sharing with us, darling :D

  6. I'm loving the shadowy haze on the lower lid in the bottom right pic on "Rocky Racoon Eyes".
    I used to do that a lot until an ex-friend went on and on about not liking makeup "under the eyes" ... since he's now my arch-nemesis I should obviously start trying to make myself look as sleep-deprived as possible again ;)

  7. woah! love these! can't wait to go back home (Taiwan) to scour for these magazines!