Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shu Uemura New Rouge Unlimited: Intro

Shu Uemura recently revamped their entire core lipstick line, launching fifty shades in a new Rouge Unlimited formula on April 1st in Japan. The packaging has also been tweaked to match the new Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine range released in 2011.

I was a big fan of the old Rouge Unlimiteds, and for those of you who shared my love (and increasing poutiness as the shades were chopped into year by year), two warnings:
  1. these new lipsticks are entirely different textures, not a mere repackaging despite the repetition of certain shade codes/numbers
  2. no mattes D: (so we continue to wait for versions of classics like RD178M or PK360M)
The new lipsticks vary a bit colour-to-colour (to me, there seem to be three sub-categories which I'll note in swatches) but overall, they differ from the old formula thus (yes, thus):
  • totally scent-free, for those who disliked the faint candied orange blossom of the past
  • more shine and more balmy slip (rather than the older silky siliconey slip), like the popular modern jellied formulas Dior Addict/Extreme, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or Lancôme Rouge In Love
  • (on my lips at least) not nearly as long-lasting or moisturising, though I don't find them quite as drying as I do the formulas above.
Some stats:
Old Rouge Unlimited: 3.8ml and 3.7g, also Made in Japan
New Rouge Unlimited: 3.7ml and 3.2g, Made in Japan
(making evident the lighter texture of the new ones -- see, it's not totally subjective!)

Ingredients for the NEW BK099

The swatches are split into two posts:
Part 1: Colours will feature the reds (RD), pinks (PK), corals (CR), oranges (OR), mauves (MV) and wines (WN).
Part 2: Neutrals the nudes/beiges (BG), browns (BR), black (BK) and white (WH).


  1. I don't know yet, if I like the idea or not. are they drying? I quite like the dior addict extremes (but dislike the normal addicts), also, rouge coco shines are very sheer and rather a tinted balmy 'lipstick' than a normal lipstick. how do these new shu's compare to the dior addicts and coco shines? I like the packaging way more though, I find the previous p. felt a bit tacky *sorry shu*.

  2. It's hard to say, claire, my lips are so picky. I do find these less 'special' than the older ones as they're so similar to the Addicts/CS/RIL in *feel*, and like those formulas, there are more pigmented and sheerer shades in the line.

  3. I do like the new packaging.

  4. *CRACK* This is the sound of my heart breaking. WHYYYY??? I love Shu lipsticks, the (gulp)old version. Why did they have to go and ruin that, too. The old packaging was far more beautiful, sleek and sturdy whilst the Unlimited Supreme Shine packaging has serious problems with the lid which keeps breaking.