Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact #9 Little Bouquet

You may have already seen my swatches of the complete line-up of Jill Stuart Mix Blushes, but I thought it would be a good idea to show as well as tell you how versatile the best of these can be -- scroll on for swatches of all four separate shades in the prettiest of these dangerously pretty quads, No.9 Little Bouquet.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compacts are made in Japan and retail for HK$370 for 8g.They are scented with the signature JS candied roses (sweeter, lighter and less powdery than the Chanel Joues Contraste scent, also quicker to fade) and each blush comes with a retractable goat hair brush.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 9 little bouquet

Little Bouquet consists of:
  • top left: light pink satin with very sparse silver microshimmer (sheer-medium pigmentation) 
  • top right: soft apricot matte (medium+ pigmentation) 
  • bottom left: bright, clear pink-coral-red matte (another one of those Orpheline/Hussy-a-likes I adore, pigmented)
  • bottom right: demi-matte magenta with tonal sheen (no shimmer, pigmented)
The textures are uniformly smooth, finely-milled and balanced evenly between creamy and silky, probably how they combine blendability and lasting-power. They feel closest to the current Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colours, but are less tightly-pressed -- I believe this is by design, as they are designed to be swirled and mixed in various patterns.

The mixed swatch is made with the included brush, the separate stripes are each one swipe with a sponge applicator, except for the rightmost (palest) shade which is two swipes. It is still, like the others, easily wearable as a blush on its own.
swatch Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 9 little bouquet

Is perfectly usable and I enjoy the decadence of having a coordinated brush solely dedicated to one blush; I actively seek out small brushes and short handles anyway, so the portable size suits me fine. Made from densely-packed white goat hair, it is extremely efficient at picking up pigment, swirling colours evenly across the different pans. For me, its main weakness is blending -- its hairs are so short and so dense that it's essentially a mini-kabuki, and suits buffing-out more than blending. My sensitive skin doesn't like being buffed, so I usually reach for a separate clean brush (or, in a pinch, fingers) to soften any edges.

Here it is compared with the Hakuhodo Medium Pointed Yachiyo and Illamasqua Highlighter Brush:
From left to right they go from:
least dense ---> most dense/tightly packed
longest hair ---> shortest
most pointed ---> most rounded

Shown on the Hakuhodo Yachiyo is the colour of the lightest pink shade from this quad, which I wore on its own recently. You can also see how evenly corally-pink the JS brush (which I use for swirling) looks, while leaving the four shades still very neatly demarcated in the pan:
Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact 9 little bouquet
After about 15(?) uses

'Favourites' Look
Combining this new favourite with some enduring loves: Suqqu 01 Kakitsubata quad (just discontinued, WHY WHY WHY much wailing and gnashing of teeth) and Chanel Rouge Allure Genial (limited edition, why etc.)

The only frontal pic I could get was in even dodgier lighting, sorry


  1. you look gorgeous, Kate! that Reiss dress is lovely on you!

    and yes, whyyyyyyyy.

    1. Thank you! I admit to being a bit sneery about Reiss in the past but am loving their current collection

  2. Gosh the combination of the 4 shades looks lovely... shame the packaging makes me want to be sick! I feel similarly about Kakitsubata :( - I adore that quad, and I just don't think Konruri cuts it as a substitute - at least not on my colouring.

  3. Ahh, you look amazing (and every time I see your review, I get distracted by your outfits and accesories...) and I am totally fine with the straight face, it's so much more (female)user-friendly compared to those flirty/dreamy/eye-f*** kind of glances...

  4. This blush is SO gorgeous! *adds to wishlist*

  5. nice! i own this too but never got around to using this. Did you pick up anything from SOGO Sale? It was awfully crowded, but am glad I managed to get hold of some LE sets! :D

  6. this blush is super pretty and you look gorgeous too,Kate! <3

  7. Very pretty look and outfit, love the Genial lipstick on you!

  8. I am waiting for my little bouquet to come in the mail :D I love white on you, I think the lips + cheek and the white dress make you look perfect, just stunning!

  9. Holy..... YOU ARE STUNNINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Wear this and nothing but this for the rest of your life. Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. This one is so pigmented when used with the brush attached that I always look klownish. I prefer using a squirrel brush and tap off the excess (the small angled highlight by hakuhodo is perfect as you can also pick every shade separately).
    Tha attached brush is exquisite with cream blushes though.

  11. THIS POST IS PURE EVIL WOMAN! D: I neeeeeed it. *weeps*

  12. So much gorgeous in one post! Love the blush, love the FOTD and OOTD. I keep meaning to ask, do you powder your cheeks before applying powder blush or do you have a secret technique for getting a good application on freshly moisturized/foundation-ed skin?

    After a failed attempt to acquire Kakitsubata, I broke down and bought Konruri. *Biting nails in anticipation*



  14. You rock the look girl, I like your sulky model face, please don't change. Its got character.

  15. Oh my, I'm impressed by these colours.
    And you have the fiercest expression with that delicate dress: love the contrast

  16. Kate, I honestly want to sob. I think I need that lipstick too! I love how effortless your outfits are, if I was a few sizes smaller, I would HAVE to rummage in your closet and in your mother's closet for that matter too :P *squishes*

  17. Rosy, oh I know! :( Please report back when you get to play with Konruri in Japan, put me out of my misery.

    Citrine: you crack me up! :D I'll throw in some duck-pouts for ya next time.

    Anon: I admit to being a fan of LOOOOTS of blush ;)

    Julia: I'm wearing the Shu Uemura UV mousse primer (pink/purple) here which sets to a satin-matte finish on me, the perfect base. Usually when I'm at home my dry skin drinks up my skincare/foundation sufficiently by itself for powders not to drag/skip. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Konruri!

    Birkie: this is by far the best blush Jill Stuart make imo.

    Laitae, my little elfin lioness, you are welcome to DROWN in my clothes anytime :*

  18. Kate, I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago for my birthday so I took a look at Konruri when it launched. I don't love it :(. It's slightly cooler-toned and less flattering on me than Kakitsubata. I like the brighter blue in the split pan, but I noticed some fall-out when swatching the darker blue. I think partly I just prefer the combination with two mattes in the old style palettes. I've been a bit disappointed with Suqqu's recent offerings - the spring palettes were a bit, well, brown - and it feels like a cop out that they've released a colour combination so similar to Kakitsubata rather than something new and interesting.

    1. aaargh :( You're right, the perfect balance in Kakitsubata would be totally lost with cooler shades :(
      Have you seen the early press pics for autumn? They look like re-re-hashes :(