Monday, 4 June 2012

Six Daytime Looks with Chanel Illusion D'Ombre 86 Ebloui

Shortly before I left London, I arbitrarily challenged myself to wear Ebloui (my least-reached-for Illusion D'Ombre) for a whole week, which for my current life means a ratio of  
six days of work-safe/soft/wearable/grown-up/boring OL looks
one day/night of "finally! The freedom to wear the kickiest-ass totally original makeup evar!" ....paralysed by choice.... *applies wash of taupe eyehadow and tinted balm in defeat*
 ....oh, and I also decided to to shun traditional lipsticks that week. I don't know, because it just wasn't! Fun! ENOUGH!

I'd intended to blog them eventually in between swatch/review/rambly random posts with pictures of other things but a friend on makeupalley reminded me yesterday that it's been a while and I still hadn't started. So, just wages of procrastination, I now drown myself in a vat of embarrassment (yeah it comes in vats now, brave new world), as I present a solid wall of eleven billionty pictures of my face and eye, all in one post.

Ebloui itself has been reviewed and swatched exhaustively by far better photographers already -- prettymaking has the truest-to-my-experience swatches, with green, gold, pink and silver shimmer distinct against the red-brown base. For other excellent reviews, see delicatehummingbird and cafemakeup. My favourite product pics are by planetmartha (because girlcrush they're most realistic and show the colour post-usage.

Okay, here goes.
Chanel Ebloui with Suqqu Eye Lucent loose pigment in EX-01 Kyokkou (dc), a supremely delicate iridescent white. Shu Uemura white pencil on waterline and Rose of Versailles black liquid liner pen for wing.
With RMS lip2cheek Modest on, well, lips and cheeks.

With Rouge Bunny Rouge Periwinkle Cardinal (seafoam sage, both picks up the green sparkle in Ebloui and makes it look redder in contrast). Make Up Store Go Wild pencil (lilac) on the inner corner.
Beige/neutral lips and cheeks: Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips EX01 Clear Beige (dc) on lips over Lunasol Contrasting W Lip Liner in 10 Soft Beige, RBR Delicata blush

With Addiction Concrete Jungle (lavender grey) in socket and Blue Moon (cornflower) under lower lashline. Very fine line (step up from tightlining) with Rose of Versailles liquid liner.
Soft 'neutralisers' on lip+cheek: Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis, Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment Honey.

Paired with warmer grays this time -- Becca Chincilla sheerly in the socket and heavily under the lower lashline. Thicker bluntish wing too, with Rose of Versailles liquid liner again.
Warm pink lip+cheek Illamasqua Katie and Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Liberté (Asia-exclusive.

With the gold from Suqqu Blend Eyeshadow quad 06 Ginbudou as a central highlight.
Cool pinks on lip (Chanel Extrait de Gloss Imaginaire) and cheek (Nars Gaiety).

(you may have seen this before in my Dainty Doll review)
Ebouli as liner. On the lid, mixed white+yellow shades from Shu Uemura  tri-colour pencil Energy Flow (dc), Rouge Bunny Rouge Mountain Bluebird and Delicate Hummingbird.
Cool pinks -- Dainty Doll Hippy Hippy Shake blush and Addiction Miss You More gloss.

(The seventh look was a standard smokey eye, Ebouli on its own, with the cool pink lips+cheeks I realised I preferred with it. I think I was running late that day so no pictures.)

Very unnecessary disclaimers:
I barely qualify as an amateur at either makeup or photography. Unlike some beauty bloggers, I don't do makeup specifically to blog (so no extra contouring, packed-on blush or extremely precise eyeliner to compensate for the camera) which means lighting is variable, a lot of detail is washed-out / unclear and I don't always have enough time to take shots from a representative series of different angles. Indulge me.

I did enjoy the experiment and hope it was interesting to you, and would welcome any suggestions for further ways to wear this rather delicious shade!


  1. I'm glad that you did this, because I love this shade, and it gives me ideas of other colors to pair it with.

    I've been reaching for Ebouli a lot on days when I don't have much time, and just doing a sheer wash over the lid, a little tight-lining and mascara. I like how the shimmer pops out kinda like a starry sky when it's used sheerly.

    I've paired with R&R Provocative eyeshadow to really bring out the red, and with RBR Bejeweled Skylark for the red/brown (makes a good eyeliner used wet, too).

    The green I've worn with Ebouli is the background shade from the green P&J Spring 2012 kitty palette. The cool yellowish highlighter color also pairs well. And I've paired with champagne-y shimmers and eyeliner with little wings too.

    I haven't tried pairing it with grays, so I'll be giving that a go...

    Oh! but a pretty layering combo that wears like iron is Ebouli over MUFE Aqua Eyes #2 ("steel"?).

  2. I love the exercise, super helpful for newbies like me! Thanks for sharing ;-)

  3. Dearest Proximity, thanks :D I do love the idea of it with MUFE 2 -- especially the textural contrast.

    Lazysaturday, yay I'm glad! From one newbie to another ;)

  4. Kate, I think you are far more than amateur, your skills are amazing, your colour know-how is fenomenal and your pics are great. I love that your pictures are 'real'. love your ebloui week a lot, I don't know what would be my favourite look, maybe #1? just because I love the lip so much, lol. Shu IR715 looks very nice with ebloui or a mint green <3 looking forward for more beuatiful inspiration pics :*

  5. Oh Kate (throws in towel) I give up resisting, this is going into my to buy list when I head to the duty free shop tomorrow. You have given me 6 good reasons why I should own another brown eye shadow. Resistance is futile.

  6. Mad skillz, lady. Own it.
    My fav of these is #4, though they are all beautiful. You are so creative with color, and give me so much inspiration! I do love Ebloui, though I love Tom Ford Illicit more. The TF cream shadows are the best I've ever found. I hope he releases more!

  7. Gorgeous, all of them! Kudos for wearing the same stuff for 6 days and using it 6 different ways!!

  8. I will be bookmarking this post and pulling out my Ebloui! I am in love with the violet under your lash line! And the pretty mint of Periwinkle Cardinal, which I thankfully own.

    Thank you for the link. You are my girl crush actually ;)

  9. I love this post Kate! You have such great application techniques! Going to pair with a pale green for sure and I love the central highlight never would have occurred to me. *Favourited*

  10. Ah, amazing and Georgina! I love them all but especially 1, 3, and 6! One extra question.... Wondering what brushes you used... Would you mind sharing?

  11. Thanks for your kind words about my swatch post for Ebloui! I love the idea of a challenge like this -- to take one color that sits unloved and find different ways to wear it for one week. I may have to do that sometime this month. :-) ...which unfortunately it may focus on Ebloui because I don't seem to reach for it as often as I should, it's so beautiful. :-(

  12. Those looks are all extremely beautiful, but I especially like 4 and 6 on you. I agree with Proximity that MUFE #2 would be interesting to experiment with.

  13. I'll be interested to hear if anyone else likes the Ebloui with MUFE #2!

    By the way Kate, how do you use the Shu tri-color Energy Flow 'pencil'? I think this is the same one I have (rusty orange/brown, yellow, white ... kinda like crayons?)
    I only tend to reach for it when I'm going for high drama, but I'd like to find everyday ways to use it.
    I played with using the white and yellow blended as an eyeshadow base and liked it.

  14. Claire: thank you so much :* You are always so lovely to me. I can't wait to try it with a v pale lilac like IR715 :D

    Jacqueline: duty free on your way to Bali? NO SYMPATHY. lol

    Julia: no ownz! I'm cringing at bits I should've blended or whatnot...

    Musing: I would love to see your take on this kind of exercise :) You have at least as severe a case of makeup ADD as I do :D

    Martha: I'll see YOU in the deep, deep stacks :D

    Kerri: thank you for the reminder :) You should never need an excuse to dig out those greens!

    emily: I'm afraid I don't remember exactly but generally for cream shadows I reach for a MAC 286 or 217, Suqqu S or Shu Uemura Synthetic 10.

    Mandy: thanks for stopping by :) I would love to see what you come up with (i.e. steal all the ideas!)

    Zuzu: I am itching to get started. Sadly both are waiting back home, thousands of miles away :(

    Proximity: look what you've started :) I find the pencil gives quite a soft look once blended on -- a brainless way to wear it for me is a gradation from white at the inner corner to orange on the outer v. Smudge on a little purple/plum liner, done.
    I would love to hear your high drama ideas for it!

  15. I loooove Ebloui and these looks are just so delicious on you! Adore!

  16. I mostly use the pencil with other things.
    It might actually be the only true yellow I have, and so it gets used as a base to bring out or blend with other colors (make greens brighter), or for a pop of yellow (like inner corner).
    The orange sometimes makes a base for orange/brown/red things when I'm trying to play up eye color, or gets used in 'experimental' moments when I decide that what my makeup really needs is a random rust orange dot right under my lower lashline etc. I think I've used it as a liner, too.

    The white's seen the most service, it can be blended well enough to act as a highlighter, works alright on my waterline, and often gets included when I want to build up a sheer or stark white, or I'm pretending to be a fairy or whatever.

  17. Proximity, you ARE my fairy.

    This was so helpful -- fortunately I packed these crayons so will be playing with layering forthwith

  18. What mascara did you use? Ur lashes are so perky and pretty!

    1. I'm pretty sure these are all with Lancome Hypnose Drama WP :) I curl beforehand too (Chanel curler)