Thursday, 9 August 2012

Addendum: Addiction Eyeliner Pencil

As featured in the last post and which formed part of my Japanese birthday haul -- Addiction Eyeliner Pencils in Moonwalk (silver) and Lady of the Lake (red)both new for summer 2012, but permanent additions to the range of thirteen shades.

These pencils are automatic (fully retractable, yay!) and packaged in a capped plastic twist-up tube in Addiction's usual sleek black.
Addiction Eyeliner Pencil

Addiction Eyeliner Pencil Moonwalk Lady of the Lake

Moonwalk is a neutral steely silver that layers paler microshimmer into a smooth metallic base, so it shifts from a darker gunmetal to a sparkly silver to an almost wet-look moonlit glow (it can read as texture without colour on my pale skin) depending on lighting.
Lady of the Lake is a cool-toned blood-red satin with very sparse tonal microshimmer that's barely/rarely visible but adds dimension. It's this dimensionality as well as a lack of muddy brown  warmth which make this supremely easy to wear -- it looks like (intentional and awesome) makeup, never like rabbity red-eye.

Arm swatches
Addiction by Ayako Eyeliner Pencil Moonwalk Lady of the Lake swatches

Paper swatches
Addiction by Ayako Eyeliner Pencil Moonwalk Lady of the Lake swatches

I went out of my comfort zone with Moonwalk (silver! hisses) so have nothing close in my collection but here's Lady of the Lake with Chanel Ebloui (cream), Kryolan Skinliner 31 (liquid) and Estee Lauder Vintage Violet (cream):
red burgundy eyeliner swatches Chanel Ebloui Addiction Eyeliner Pencil Lady of the Lake Kryolan Skinliner 31 Estee Lauder Vintage Violet
the Addiction shade is a much clearer, truer red compare with Chanel or Estee Lauder but next to Kryolan's primary brightness its magenta coolness and depth are more evident.

Formula: Moonwalk is lovely creamy blendable goodness, and can double as a base/eyeshadow. Lady of the Lake is much drier and sets almost immediately on my dry lids, so is tricky even to smoke out without irritation, let alone smudge all over as a base. I suspect this in particular will have phenomenal lasting power on oilier skins -- on @cosme these liners are rated very highly in general, which usually testifies to tenacity on hooded lids / humid weather.

What Lady of the Lake sacrifices in creaminess is made up for in ultra-precision: with most pencils I need a separate tool to handle wings and flicks (a firm brush or the attached smudger on those THREE flash performance liners), but with this drier satin formula the most fiddly angles are a breeze.
Here's a comparison with the Rouge Bunny Rouge Automatic Eye Pencil in Lola to illustrate how fine a line the Addiction draws:
Addiction eyeliner pencil RBR automatic eyeliner

It's taken me a month of usage to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the two different Addiction formulas (the love-affair with THREE was more precipitous) -- Moonwalk blends out to a beautiful wash of iridescent light on the lid or by the tearduct, even built up to full its sparkle gives it a delicacy instead of a flat metallic wall; Lady of the Lake makes an uncompromisingly vivid statement, made for clean lines and graphic shapes and liner-without-eyeshadow looks (perfectly suited to my kind of minimalism in fact) and its very unblendability saves me from my own unhealthy leanings to over-softened hazy consumptive looks (never as pretty as they look in my head) with red.

Here's a close-up of the eye from Monday's look, playing to the individual strengths of these liners. Lady of the Lake sharply along the upper and Moonwalk softly along the lower lashlines. A bit more of Moonwalk blended out in the centre of the upper lid as purely textural highlight.
lid redness is all my natural beauty, ahem, not the effect of the liner 

Addiction eyeliner pencils are currently exclusive to Japan and retail for ¥2625 each.


  1. Yowza! Now that is a statement look! I have to admire your courage for using red and also admit that it does look good!

  2. Oh great to see them. I have just got my Istetan order with a purple eyeliner, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Plum heaven with hues of reddish.

  3. I have been totally curious about them. I'm glad seeing you give these the heads up as your beloved Three is beautiful but so expensive and these have more colour variety. Lady looks excellent with your fashion-esque edginess & "a face that could carry anything"-makeupwise

  4. Oh my!!! Now I'm not only addicted to red e/s but to red e/l??? o.O
    Now I really need to look for one... and pretty faraway from Japan *cries*

  5. Lady of the Lake is incredibly stunning, especially against your beautiful alabaster skin. *wants*