Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pretty In Pink and Peach

Hello, my dears! Apologies for lack of posts/keeping up with comments lately -- my non-blogging life has become insanely busy and my makeup has fallen into a rut that, while alliteratively pink, peach and pretty-pretty (so still, like, true to my cheeseball soul and stuff) isn't otherwise very blog-worthy.

But my latest batch of Japanese mags (more scans forthcoming) reminded me of how much I like looking at the nuances in subtle, professional and yes, pretty makeup so I'm going to risk boring you all with some recent spins on pink/peach eyes, which have become kind of a go-to since I dyed my hair lighter and warmer. [Busyness also means pictures rarely get taken, and when they do, often turn out to be fuzzy -- apologies in advance, but this post will be more about tonal pairings than interesting placements anyway.]

eyeshadow palette KATE Deep Trap Eyes PK-1, Fasio Shade Trick Eyes PK-5, SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow 11 Himesango

....yeah, all from Japanese brands, because they are light-years ahead when it comes to this kind of thing.
As regular readers will know, Suqqu eyeshadow are my never-bettered holy grail complex neutral faves, with a luxe pricetag of £45-and-worth-every-penny. But there are plenty of offerings at more reasonable mid-range and low end prices too -- more than enough to justify the common complaint that the Japanese drugstore's an endless sea of tasteful tonal gradational...*honkshu* BUT! when I am looking for neutrals, which allow far less leeway than brights for the interesting editorial clashy/ugly thang, the diversity of undertones (undersemitones or semidemitones might be even more appropriate) to choose from across those boring, subtle variations becomes a blessing.
Warm pinks/browns are among the trickiest colours for me to pull off but the thoughtful combinations of textures (especially varieties of sparkle) and tones in these two drugstore palettes -- KATE Deep Trap Eyes PK-1 and Fasio Shade Trick Eyes PK-5 [both discontinued, but still ebayable] make them effortlessly flattering and user-friendly, even pre-coffee-ten-minutes-to-get-to-work-utterly-brainless-user-friendly. Leaving time to really enjoy the process of choosing which lip and blush colours to bring out which semidemitone nuances in these neutrals... hey, I said I was going to bore you and I AM.

Picture time! 

KATE Deep Trap Eyes PK-1

Multi-shimmered sheer white (4th from left) as a base; peach (3) all over the lid fading into the socket; shimmery rose (2) on the inner and outer corners, blended inwards; plum (1) smudged up and out from lashline; glittery gunmetal (5) dabbed into the middle of the mobile lid.

Under the eye, I ran the white (4) along the lashline and blended the pink (2) and plum (1) together at the outer edge to join the shadow on the lid.

Lips: neutral rose-peach glossy (to echo the glossed-up centre of the eye), Chanel Extrait de Gloss Liberté and Confidence mixed together.
Cheeks: Beauty Is Life Geisha, a dusty warm pink.

SUQQU Blend Eyeshadow 11 Himesango
natural light
full sun
White (1) as a base and browbone highlight; pink-peach (2) and rosy taupe (3) mixed over the lid; bronze (4) on the outer third of the lid; plummy brown (5) smudged up from lashline. It was looking too hazy at this point, so I added a blunt wing with KATE Supersharp Liquid.

Under the eye: taupe (3) along the lashline; plummy brown (5) on outer third; pink-peach (2) to blend them out underneath.

Lips: Lancôme Corset, the softer, rosier version of Guerlain Colère, which would also have worked against this hazy eye, but I wanted more harmony this day as the blunt liner was enough contrast.
Cheeks: Beauty Is Life Palace, a sunny rosy coral, applied very lightly at outer edge of cheeks.

FASIO Shade Trick Eyes PK-5

Rose gold (2) on outer half of lid, sparkly peach (3) on inner half; brown (1) to line.

Under the eye: brown (1) on inner and outer thirds, frosty white (4) in middle of lower lashline.

Lips: a sheer jelly red (Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist EX-03 Usubeni) which lets my cool pink lips show through, to echo the reddened pink of the eye.

Decided I needed something more on the cheeks, so another pinky red: Beauty Is Life Opera.

For those who noticed the Beauty Is Life blush riff, my current collection (left to right): Geisha, Palace and Opera. See Delicate Hummingbird's epic swatch/review for more.



    Why does everybody say there's a pinky peach in Himesango when it's plain pink on me (and to my eyes) ??

  2. Kate, your hair is fenomenal here, I see some Vivi inspiried hair colour and hair cut (?). I love colere on you! The peach colour in himesango is one of my favs lately. Great post and great pics <3

  3. You finally let down your hair! So pretty girl! I love all your foods, as usual you rock the bright lip look. Have you tried the Geurlian Rouge G L'extrait in Gourmandise, I think it is your colour. :)

  4. Corset is so much more coral and lovely on you than it is on me! And I lurve your hair.

  5. GURL how many times do I have to say it? You. Are. Gorgeous. Seriously! You look like a model! :)

    These colors all look gorgeous, I really love the way the Fasion palette looks :)

  6. Is it possible that I want the Kate and Fasio palettes and NOT the SUQQU?? Crazy!!! :) Thanks for creating more needs for me! :P I love the colors on you. And your FOTD with the SUQQU quad is COMPLETELY gorgeous! Love you in bright lips!

  7. KATE!!! You are so stunning with your hair down! I swear to God I actually gasped out loud when I saw those pics. DBF was like, "What? What's wrong?!" and I was like "KATE HAS GORGEOUS HAIR." and he was like, "Okay..."


  8. So much pretty! As much as I want, intellectually, to admire edgy/interesting/editorial makeup, at the end of the day "pretty" really is what does it for me.

    Look #1 almost had me clicking to the Chanel site to look at those glosses. Then I remembered that I despise lip gloss. Phew. Bullet dodged.

  9. I love you new hair color!!! And the palettes are just pretty... those are the kind of shades I like to use in my everyday FOTD's -except when I get inspired by red.

  10. The hair is gorgeous and so are the looks.

    I really like it when you use one product in different ways (like you did with Chanel Riviere) or like here, where you take a few palettes in a theme and present different looks.

    It's quite cerebral and methodical and makes me think categorically about my products and also how to maximize use of them in creative and pretty ways. I just got Himesango and this post gives me some good ideas. Thank you!

  11. What foundation did you use here, if any?

  12. Wow! You looks fabulous with your hair down!

  13. Love all the looks. I like neutrals a lot and most of the eye shadow I have are neutrals. I notice that you have glossy hair. Love love.

  14. Hi what foundation did u use in the photos? Nice.

  15. beautiful, and wow about your reddish and impeccably cut hair

  16. I love these looks, and I love the inspiration- thank you!
    But, how do you really feel about the BiL blushes?

  17. Wow!!! I just had to say that the look with the KATE e/s and the BiL cheeks is the most flattering one I've seen on you, so incredibly gorgeous.

  18. Beautiful looks done with these palettes! I love how your eyelashes are so curled. Could you please do a tutorial on curling eyelashes, and which mascara helps to hold the curl? Thank you!