Friday, 24 August 2012

Summer Blogsale

*all gone*

And yes, this means that out of the EIGHT items I've purchased so far (discounting replacements) for my twelve-a-year pledge, I've fallen out of love with FOUR (Ladurée 11, Shiseido Fire, Kanebo Sensai Shirafuji and Suqqu Himesango).

But overall, despite taking a free month of hauling at will in June, my collection has shrunk to about half its size at the beginning of the year. Carry on with what feels like a bit of a pointless exercise or pat self on back for keeping to the spirit if not the letter? Would love to here your thoughts :)


  1. You're getting rid of FIRE? and ALL THE SHI! awww!

    but hey, when it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

  2. Curious about Laduree, *smiles sweetly*
    I get your falling out of love idea...I got that with Edward Bess a lot: I liked Daydream but then I gotten the Armani 01 out again and found EB to be ridiculously orange. But man, just 8? You've been a good girl

  3. I don't think it has been a pointless exercise at all! Being conscious of what you buy and use is already more than half the battle!

  4. I admire your frugality. Seriously in a very good way. I wish I had the patience to set up on mua a sale of my huge collection of Japanese cosmetics. I have purchased too much from the Lunasol autumn collection (2 quads and all of the ltd ed. singles, 2 lippies etc) and fell out of love with them by the second day.

  5. Watching people's blog sales make me realize how much stuff we accumulate, acknowledge this and take measures to downsize is an start, also making lists of what you would like to purchase is very helpful. But makeup is a hit or miss, even when you know what suits you best it might not work for you, knowing we all make mistakes is also important. I don't think we'll ever achieve the "makeup nirvana" haha but that doesn't stop up trying... : )

  6. Well if it doesn't work or you're not using it anymore, I why not the blog sale??? I've been thinking a lot doing one... but I just can't decide if I should. I know I will sell Mac My Paradise blush... I don't like orange blushes and that one is unused (even the golden part is intact). I think I need some advice on this. Good luck with your blog sale!!! :D